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Welcome to Trillium

We will mail letters to new members in Bladen County starting in the new year. These letters will introduce Trillium and share contact information. These letters also instruct members to visit the pages below for the member and recipient handbook, details on services, and our provider directory.

Information Sessions

Thank you to everyone who attended our information sessions yesterday January 19, in Bladen County! If you could not make it, copies of our presentations are available below.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  1. Why is Bladen County joining Trillium? 
    In June 2021, the Bladen County Board of Commissioners voted to disengage from Eastpointe, and asked for permission to join Trillium. The Trillium Governing Board voted to accept this request on June 30, 2021. On November 29, Secretary Cohen with the Department of Health and Human Services approved Bladen County’s request and stated the launch date would be February 1, 2022. 
  2. How many members will join Trillium’s catchment area?
    Trillium will work with DHHS and Bladen County to determine the number of individuals who live in Bladen County, receive services for I/DD or behavioral health, have not been placed on the Standard Plan, and will transition to Trillium.
  3. Will Trillium have an office in Bladen County? Which region will Bladen be considered a part of?
    Trillium serves members through its Provider Network, local agencies and practitioners who are based in the communities where they provide services. Members and recipients can view this Network through our online Provider Directory or by calling our Member and Recipient Service Line at 1-877-685-2415. Bladen County will be part of the Southern Region with Trillium and the Bladen regional director, System of Care Managers, and other Trillium staff will work directly with Bladen County agencies and partner offices. Trillium is currently researching suitable locations for a potential local Trillium office.
  4. When will I get new paperwork about this change?
    We start mailing welcome letters to Bladen County members once member files are received. The letters will include the Notice of Privacy Practices with Trillium. Members can view the Member & Recipient Handbook.  When members on Medicaid receive a new Medicaid card from the state, it will have Trillium’s name on it. You do not have to do anything at this time.
  5. Will my care manager, provider, or services change before February 1?
    While a new Trillium Care Manager may reach out to you before February 1, if you have a Care Manager with Eastpointe you will continue to use them until then. You may call Trillium at 1-866-998-2597 to ask about Care Coordination if you are not notified by the new Trillium Care Manager. As long as your provider completes the necessary paperwork to join Trillium’s network, you will be able to continue seeing them. Trillium plans to maintain continuity of care for members, including the services they receive.

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