Columbus County Realignment | Providers

PORT Health Services (Comprehensive Mental Health/Substance Use Provider) will temporarily locate in the Columbus Health Department (304 Jefferson St., Whiteville) effective August 1, 2018.  Integrated Family Services (Mobile Crisis Management Provider) will announce an office location soon.

Please refer to Clinical Communication Bulletin #13 (sent on June 1, 2018) for more information about the soft start for authorizations. The Q&A for Clinical Communication Bulletin  #013 was shared on July 11, 2018

We hosted a Provider Fair at Southeastern Community College on May 15. If you are currently contracted with Eastpointe and provide services to residents in Columbus County and were unable to attend, please email

Providers are asked to provide the following information. Please review and if you have any questions, you may reach out to Questions will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Columbus County Provider Download Center

* when sending paperwork via email, please include the acronyms below (or full name if no acronym listed) in the subject line, and also send it as an encrypted email (using Zixmail, for example)

All Providers are required to submit the following

Providers not currently in the Trillium Network also need to submit

Contact information for:

Members Information Session June 12, 2018

Information Session Presentation | Information Session Video 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Columbus County joining Trillium?
    In January 2017, the Columbus County board of commissioners voted to disengage from Eastpointe, and asked for permission to join Trillium. The Trillium Governing Board voted to accept this request on January 30, 2017. Columbus County complied with all the requirements to complete this realignment and on March 21, 2018, Secretary Cohen with the Department of Health and Human Services approved Columbus County’s request.

  2. How do I access Trillium’s system to see the members I serve, enter authorizations and submit claims? 
    You will need to contact your agency’s System Administrator for Provider Direct so that they can set up a login for you.  If your agency does not have a System Administrator for Provider Direct, see question #3 below.

  3. My agency does not have a System Administrator; how does this get setup?
    The staff at your agency that is designated as the System Administrator for Provider Direct will need to sign up for our Learning Portal, complete the Provider Direct System Administrator training, email the Certificate of Completion and the System Administrator Designee Request Form to Detailed instructions on signing up for the Learning Portal and completing the training required, can be found HERE.

  4. How do I access the Learning Portal?
    Complete the Learning Portal Agreement Form, and email it to

  5. How do I submit claims files?
    For any questions on how to submit claims files (i.e. 837p, 837i), the FTP site, system access/issues, etc., please send your inquiry via e-mail to

  6. I cannot attend the provider fairs. What do I need to do?
    Please email to confirm eligibility, request the necessary paperwork and learn the next steps.

  7. When will I learn whether our contract with Trillium has been approved?
    Over the next few weeks, Trillium staff will review all submitted paperwork and reach out to providers that have been approved. If you have not heard from Trillium and would like to check your status, please email

  8. What if our provider agency uses a clearinghouse?
    Trillium works with Change Healthcare and The SSI Group. If you are currently using a clearinghouse other than Change Healthcare or The SSI Group, and wish to continue using them, you will need to provide them with Trillium’s Payer ID – 56089 so they may connect with either Change Healthcare or The SSI Group.

For additional information on Change Healthcare, please visit their website at For additional information on The SSI Group, please visit their website at


Being A Provider of Value

This training is for active providers in our network

Provide an overview of the 1115 Medicaid waiver, targeting the Standard Plan release of the RFP, the pending Tailored Plan design and the impact for mental health, intellectual/developmental disability, or substance use providers.

Wilmington, NC

Intellectual/Developmental Disability Service Providers

Mental Health/Substance Use Services Providers