Gaps & Needs Assessment

Gaps and Needs Assessment

gaps_needs_trillium_site_0.pngThe Gaps and Needs Assessment (formally called the Network Adequacy and Accessibility Assessment)is an annual study of our area and the people who live here as well as where services are available and how people use them. 

Surveys will be simple to complete, most people can finish in about 15 minutes.

Paper and Spanish copies will be available; if you need to complete a paper copy contact Trillium call center at 1-866-998-2597.

Encuestas en español estarán disponibles para llenarse en papel; si usted necesita completar una encuesta en español puede encontrar una copia en el enlace de abajo o puede contactar al centro de llamadas de Trillium al 1-866-998-2597.

Surveys are available for members and families, and Stakeholder, Trillium Staff, and Committee until April 1. When completing the survey online, be sure to select the correct version.

If you have questions about the survey, please call the Trillium Administrative and Business Line at 1-866-998-2597. Please do not call the 24-hour Access to Care Line if you have questions about the survey.

Example of topics Covered on the surveys:

Survey questions come from the state and CFAC. A sample of questions are:

  • What service needs do you have that are not being met? Check as many as apply.
  • In what county do you receive services? Please select all that apply.
  • Are you on the waiting list for Innovation Waiver services?

Click here to complete the Trillium Gaps and Needs Survey:

Member and Families Survey  Stakeholders, Staff & Committees Survey