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Teams & Functions

Trillium Health Resources manages care for those with mental health conditions, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders throughout eastern North Carolina. Working collaboratively with community partners, Trillium connects Medicaid recipients, as well as those who are uninsured and underinsured, to critical services they deserve and require. Trillium is focused on transforming lives and building community well-being through partnership, service access, and proven solutions designed to help those we serve reach their fullest potential.

To support this mission, Trillium is organized into functional areas called Teams. Teams incorporate experienced staff who are content experts and focused on the daily operations within their area.

Functional areas consist of Business Management, Care Management and Innovations Waiver, Neighborhood Connections, Network, Contracts and Training, Call Center and Communications, Quality Management, Utilization Management, Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Medical Affairs.

Executive Team

Leza picture
Leza Wainwright
Chief Executive Officer
Cindy Picture
Cindy Ehlers
Executive Vice President 
Joy Picture
Joy Futrell
Executive Vice President 
Michael Picture
Michael Smith
Chief Medical Officer
Mike Picture
Mike Lewis
Executive Vice President (CIO)
Richard Picture
Richard Leissner
General Counsel

Regional Operations

Trillium Health Resources is widely accessible and deeply integrated into our communities to help improve access, reduce administrative burdens on providers, and increase the quality of services. To do this, we have three Regional Offices, each with a Regional Operations Director dedicated to your area.

The Governing Board collaboratively plans, budgets and monitors Trillium operations.  It is composed of an equal number of members from each Regional Advisory Board. This two-tiered governing structure allows for accountability of services within our communities, a local service model and local advocacy opportunities for individuals and family members. Each region has a Regional Advisory Board to ensure the local voice is heard on the Trillium Governing Board.

Bland Picture
Bland Baker
Northern Regional Director
Dave Picture
Dave Peterson
Central Regional Director
Dennis picture
Dennis Williams
Southern Regional Director

Business Management

The primary purpose of the Business Management Team is the organization of the fiscal and budgetary operations of Trillium.  The team is responsible for sound financial planning and for ensuring compliance with all fiscal policies at the local, state and federal levels.  The Business Management Team comprises the following areas:  general budget, finance, claims processing.

Wanda Picture
Michelle Martin
Finance Director
Sheryl picture
Sheryl Deal
Claims Director

Care Management and Innovations Waiver

Care Management is a person-centered, assessment based interdisciplinary approach to integrating behavioral health services, I/DD services and supports, primary health care, and natural and community social support services. This function is completed in a cost-effective manner in which an individual’s needs and preferences are assessed, a comprehensive care plan is developed, and services are managed and monitored by a care coordinator. Through Medicaid Transformation, Care Management will work with providers including Advanced Medical Homes (AMH). 

Care Management at Trillium consists of three regional teams staffed with clinicians and coordinators focused on child, adult, and recipients of the Innovations Waiver. In addition, a Registered Nurse (RN) assists all regions by reviewing care plans and potential services. Care coordinators include qualified professionals, licensed clinicians, coordinators, and peer support specialists.

Benita picture
Benita Hathaway
Vice President
Care Management
Juanita picture
Juanita Appiah
Director of Care Management
I/DD, TBI, & Innovations Waiver
woman black Silhouette
Megan Roberson
IDD Clinical Director 

Neighborhood Connections

Neighborhood Connections staff help promote healthy opportunities in our communities by focusing on employment, community inclusion, housing, food security, and interpersonal safety. Trillium has a comprehensive list of resources compiled by our Neighborhood Connections department. Neighborhood Connections also will support orientations and training with our members, such as the Eat the Rainbow courses that introduce fruits and vegetables into daily diets. Trillium Health Resources is widely accessible and deeply integrated into our communities to help improve access, reduce administrative burdens on providers, and increase the quality of services. To do this, we have three Regional Offices, each with a Regional Operations Director dedicated to your area.

Dave Picture
Maegan Veillette
Unit Director
Bobbie picture
Bobbie Lowe
Northern Region Manager
Cecelia picture
Cecelia Peers
Southern Regional Manager

Network Management

Trillium’s provider network is managed and maintained through efforts of the Network Department. The Network Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the provider network to ensure we meet the needs of members while ensuring choice and best practices in services. The Network Department oversees the following:

  • Development: determine needs and recruit new providers
  • Network Engagement: technical assistance & support
  • Practice Management: focused on quality of care along with care access to ensure providers are meeting expectations
  • Early Intervention: addresses potential initiatives to improve health outcomes and increase access to care for our youngest members 
  • Network Accountability: 
    • Program Integrity: respond to complaint and grievance reports, provider concerns, and claims on fraud/waste/abuse.
    •  Auditing: conducts several different types of monitoring and reviews of providers to ensure the best possible service delivery and business practices are being carried out within our Network. These include initial site reviews, provider monitoring, UAFL reviews, monitoring of compliance with contract/business requirements, Complaint/Grievance Investigations, and provider concerns.
Khristine Picture
Khristine Brewington
Vice President of
Network Management
Amanda Picture
Amanda Willett
Head of Program Integrity

Contracts and Training  

The Contracts and Training Departments secures all contracts (UCR, non-UCR and professional services) for providers and vendors, coordinates training offered to both providers and the public, and reviews addendums and contract revisions as necessary.

Luz Picture
Luz Terry
Contracts & Training Director

Call Center and Communications

The Call Center & Member Engagements team is staffed with experienced agents, qualified professionals, and licensed clinicians whose primary purpose is to give members and their families, providers, and other community stakeholders accurate and relative information in regards to Trillium, our network of providers, and the services that are available. The 24-Hour Access to Care Line is are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Call Center also assists with collecting information on complaints and grievances from members, family, guardians or providers. Member Engagement staff explore innovative ways to reach individuals who may benefit from services but have not been introduced to Trillium. 

Housing Services works with community representatives and agencies to help secure decent, safe, and affordable housing for members. Trillium Housing staff work closely with community partners to coordinate efforts, avoid duplication and obtain the best outcomes for people serve.

The Communications and Marketing department creates printed and digital resources to educate members and their family, providers, and the public. These brochures, websites and other materials help explain the services coordinated by Trillium, along with information about managed care organizations (MCO) and the Medicaid system in North Carolina. Communications helps promote Trillium to the broader communities we serve through corporate sponsorships and our social media accounts.

Jennifer Pictures
Jennifer Mackethan
Communications and Marketing Director
Ammy Picture
Amy Modlin
Head of Housing
Ashely Picture
Ashley Rhea
Call Center and Member Services Director
Paige picture
Paige Fuqua
Member Engagement Manager
Christine Picture
Christie Edwards
Vice President of Clinical Operations

Quality Management 

The Quality Management Program is a comprehensive, proactive program that provides the structure, process, resources, and expertise necessary to systematically define, evaluate, monitor and ensure that high-quality, cost-effective care and services are provided to members. Additionally, they ensure that compliance with national accreditation standards is met and ongoing throughout the term of the contractual agreement.

This program includes a continuous, objective, and systematic process that:

  • monitors and evaluates key indicators of care and services
  • identifies opportunities for improvement
  • develops and implements interventions that address the identified opportunities
  • re-assess to demonstrate the effectiveness of applied program interventions

Fonda Picture
Fonda Gonzales
Director of Quality Management

Utilization Management 

Utilization Management reviews, manages and monitors the use of mental health, substance use, and intellectual/developmental disability services. UM also reviews utilization data to evaluate and ensure that services are being provided appropriately within established benchmarks and clinical guidelines and that services are consistent with the authorization and approved the plan. Their goal is to ensure that members receive the right service, at the right time, at the right level, while creating the most effective and efficient treatment possible.

Cham Picture
Cham Trowell
Head of Utilization Management

Legal Team

Program Integrity (PI) ensures the integrity and compliance of agency programs. PI maintains accountability in expenditure of funds through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and abuse. 

Appeals responds to requests for the review of an Adverse Benefit Determination for Medicaid recipients. Medicaid recipients have the right to appeal decisions made about service requests. State-funded services are not an entitlement, but in some circumstances, denials can be appealed.

Internal Compliance confirms that departments within Trillium follow state and federal contracts, guidelines, and regulations. Internal Compliance initiates annual and ad-hoc audits to ensure adherence to all of Trillium’s policies and procedures and contractual obligations.

Kim Picture
Kimberly Huneycutt
Internal Compliance and Medicaid Contract Manager

Human Resources

The Human Resources team ensures Trillium is staffed with a highly competent workforce that supports its mission. Trillium retains qualified employees through a competitive salary and benefits package, training and development opportunities, and practices that treat employees with respect and equality.

Tammy picture
Tammy Perry
Human Resources Director

Information Technology

The Information Technology teams strengthen Trillium’s use of information, analytics, and technology for both staff and members served. IT staff from both the Business Informatics and IT Operations teams work collaboratively across departments to:

  • secure all data and ensure compliance with all IT standards;
  • innovate the application of new technologies to improve organization operations;
  • develop reports and applications based on business and clinical needs;
  • implement software to provide staff with the tools to improve care coordination and facilitate record sharing; 
  • maintain databases and information systems;
  • support hardware and equipment supplies for the organization; respond to provider requests for technical assistance with online portals and access;
  • oversee physical plant operations
Patrick Picture
Patrick Hinnant
Technology Director
Chris Picture
Chris Penrod
Informatics Director

Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs team includes Trillium’s medical officers who provide clinical oversight to all clinical components within Trillium. The medical officers ensures Trillium’s objective to have qualified clinicians accountable to the organization for decisions affecting members.

The medical officers assist in the following capacities:

  • Chairperson of the Quality Improvement Committee
  • Member of the Global Quality Improvement Committee
  • Consultation with Utilization Management and the Call Center on complex situations
  • Oversight of the Credentialing Program for Providers
  • Communication of clinical policy from NC DHHS

Staff in the Medical Affairs team helped launch the Child First initiatives, and maintain support for the agencies operating these programs.

Dr. Kim Picture
Dr. Kim Greer, PhD
Staff Psychologist
Dr. Paul picture
Dr. Paul Garcia
Medical Director of Utilization Management


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