Transforming Lives Awards

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Transforming Lives Awards Recognize Those Making a Difference

The Transforming Lives Awards are sponsored by Trillium Health Resources.  The purpose is to recognize exceptional providers and community groups in eastern North Carolina serving individuals with mental health, substance use disorders and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Nominations for ten different awards come from throughout Trillium’s 25-county service area highlighting programs, professionals, and individuals in the community that are transforming lives.

Do you know someone who has given exceptional service to individuals with mental health, substance use disorders and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities? Do you know of a program or organization that is truly impacting lives throughout your community?


Triple “A” Award (Awareness, Advocacy & Assistance)
Recognizes providers that demonstrate exceptional public awareness and/or advocacy functions through Prevention, Outreach, Public Awareness, Advocacy, and Wellness to the Community
Excellence in Implementing Best Practice Award
Recognizes providers that demonstrate implementation of evidence–based practices with fidelity to the model to achieve superior outcomes.
  • Pride in North Carolina for the Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS) model
Partnering in Action Award
Recognizes providers that demonstrate how their organization has collaborated with a private provider or other community partners to improve the services offered in their catchment area.
Member-Directed Supports Award
Recognizes services that directly employ or involve enrollees who are or have been in treatment and that improve care to existing clients.
Exceeding Expectations Award
Recognizes provider agencies that perform above and beyond the normal realm of services.
Direct Support Professional of the Year Award
Recognizes a Licensed Independent Practitioner who fosters therapeutic relationships among enrollees, community partners and peers while demonstrating integrity and professionalism while providing quality services.
Prestigious Community Affiliate Award
Recognizes a non-provider organization that enhances the lives of individuals with disabilities through programs or activities within their community.
Impact Award
Recognizes provider agencies that demonstrate the effectiveness of their crisis response system.
Care Integration Award
Recognizes a program or service that is effectively integrating behavioral and healthcare services for MH/DD/SA enrollees and demonstrating positive outcomes.
Trillium Innovation Award

This award recognizes innovations and challenges how care is currently viewed, organized, and practiced through the creation of concepts, products, processes, services, and/or technologies that are catalyst for change for any of the populations served by Trillium.  

Excellence in Advocacy by a County or State Elected Official
This award recognizes elected individuals at the county and state level that have led advocacy and public policy efforts to expand access to services and supports for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mental illnesses or addictions. 
  • NC House of Representatives, Dr. Greg Murphy
Continuous Quality Improvement Award
This award recognizes a provider agency that displays continuous quality improvement efforts through the development and implementation of a project that successfully demonstrates improvement in the quality of care to enrollees.  
Peer Support Specialist of the Year
This award recognizes a person with a lived experience of mental illness or substance use who works in an organization and uses his or her strengths to help peers on their road to recovery.