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Urgent Message:
Nash County residents:
Effective date has been moved to July 1, 2017. See more details here

FAQ - The Geriatric/Adult Special Team

  1. Where can I get free training and education regardin mental health for older adults?
    The Geriatric/Adult Specialty Team (GAST) with Trillium

  2. Does the Geriatric Team provide direct care?
    Our team provides training and education to staff of Long Term Care (LTC) facility, community partners, and caregivers in the community who are caring for someone who is at risk for hospitalization due to psychiatric needs.  We do not provide direct services such as transportation, therapy or placement into or out of a LTC facility.  We also do not provide placement of individuals living in the community into LTC facilities.

  3. Is credit given for these trainings?
    Yes, contact hours are given to staffs who attend ¾ of each training.  Our trainings are approved by the NC Division of Health Regulation Services and most training are one contact hour.

  4. Does it cost anything for the trainings?
    There is no charge for our trainings.

  5. How long are the trainings?
    Most trainings are one hour long.  However we do have some trainings that are longer.  Contact a GAST representative regarding classes you may be interested in for more detailed information about the training.

  6. Where are the trainings held? 
    Trainings are held at your facility or community program.  We can set up trainings at your facility or community program at times that are convenient for you Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

  7. Do you help when there is a crisis?
    We are not a crisis service.  We can help caregivers with education about mental illness and work with caregivers in developing a crisis plan but we do not respond to emergency/crisis situations.

  8. How can I schedule training for my facility?
    Contact Kimberly Williams (GAST Director) At Kimberly.Williams@TrilliumNC.org or Frankie Glance (Administrative Assistant) Frankie.Glance@TrilliumNC.org or call us at 1.866.998.2597