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FAQ - Community Resource Development


  1. What is myStrength?
    myStrength is a web-based application available online and via mobile devices that provides support and motivation for individuals with symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence-based practices, myStrength offers e-learning activities, video “tips from the pros” and inspirational videos and postings meant to encourage and enlighten users. Trillium has also made this site available to our stakeholders and provider network for their use with the individuals we serve.
  2. How much does myStrength cost and how can I access myStrength for my clients?
    Trillium has made this site available free to our stakeholders and provider community for the use with the individuals we serve. Stakeholders and providers can contact 1.866.998.2597 for further information on accessing myStrength.

Choose Independence

  1. What is Choose Independence Grants for Opportunities?
    Choose Independence Grants for Opportunities help purchase Assistive Technology devices or services for individuals living with a disability. Choose Independence supports the individual to stay at home and in their community by decreasing health and safety concerns.  Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD) mini grants are also available. These mini grants are similar to former I/DD wait list funds and  cover diapers, nutritional supplies and other adaptive items for individuals on the Innovations wait list or who are in the process of getting on the wait list.
  2. Who is eligible for Choose Independence and what can be purchased?
    Choose Independence grants may be used for individuals with I/DD diagnosis(es) or for individuals who are diagnosed with a mental health condition and have symptoms that make independent living difficult without  additional supports.
    For more information or to request an application, please email or visit our page Choose Independence

Employment East

  1. What is Supported Employment and Long Term Vocational Support (SE/LTVS)?
    SE/LTVS is a person-centered and individualized support service that uses evidence-based practices to assist individuals who have not achieved positive competitive employment outcomes.
  2. Who is eligible to participate in Support Employment (SE)?
    SE is available to individuals who desire to obtain competitive employment and have one or a combination of diagnoses including IDD, severe mental health, or substance use.  Additionally, they have a history of unemployment, underemployment, sporadic or no employment history.
  3. Who providesSupport Employment (SE)services?
    We contract with a Network Providers that offer Supported Employment. A list of qualifying providers may be found in the Provider Directory. Based on their diagnosis, participants would choose the SE provider who serves that population. Contact Vivian Person, at, Employment East Liaison for additional information about available providers at 1.866.998.2597 or visit our web page Employment East.
  4. What is the cost of participating in SE services and how can I access them?
    Supported Employment services are provided at no cost to eligible participants.