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FAQ - NC Innovations Waiver

  1. What if I have questions about my NC Innovations Services? 
    Contact your Care Coordinator by calling Trillium Call Center at 1.877.685.2415 Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.
  2. How can I reach my Care Coordinator?
    You can reach your Care Coordinator by calling the Trillium Call Center at 1.877.685.2415 Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. 
  3. How does the Care Coordinator assist with the development of my Individual Support Plan (ISP)?
    • Your Care Coordinator will contact you and/or your legally responsible person in advance of your birth month to begin the process related to your new ISP.
    • Trillium uses telephone and face-to-face meetings to assist with planning the ISP This means you can choose to have your meeting in person or by telephone.
    • Your Care Coordinator will send copies of paperwork in advance so you have time to review the information before your ISP meeting.
    • Your Care Coordinator assists in facilitating your ISP meeting. Once all the input from team members is collected, the Care Coordinator develop the ISP and other supporting documents.
    • Your Care Coordinator will obtain signature(s) on the completed ISP and submit to the Trillium Utilization Management department for review and approval or follow-up if needed.
  1. Why does Trillium require assessment for individuals who have received services from providers who know the person well?
    • Assessments are helpful in demonstrating the medical necessity for services that are requested in an ISP.
    • Information gathered through different types of assessments (i.e. Speech, Psychological, etc.) helps to assure that the services, interventions, and strategies are appropriate for the person.
    • It is important to have updated assessment(s) that reflects the individual’s current support needs.
  1. What are the monitoring methods?
    • Face-to-face contact with you and members of the ISP team.
    • Telephone contact with you and members of the ISP team.
  1. What does the Care Coordinator monitor?
    • That services are provided as outlined in your ISP
    • That you have access to services
    • That problems are identified and resolved as they arise
    • That services are meeting your needs
    • That back-up staffing plans are implemented
    • That you are healthy and safe
    • That you are offered a free choice of network providers
    • That your non-waiver service needs have been addressed