Trillium has launched our Emergency Operations in preparation for Hurricane Florence. Trillium’s Call Center will remain active but ONLY for the 24-Hour Access to Care Line (1-877-685-2415). Please do not use the Administrative and Business Line and instead use staff emails or our dedicated email In all areas, 911 should be used for TRUE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES. Trillium staff are not first responders and will not be able to physically attend to emergencies in the community. 


FAQ - NC Innovations Waiver

  1. What if I have questions about my NC Innovations Services? 
    Contact your Care Coordinator by calling Trillium Call Center at 1.877.685.2415 Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.
  2. How can I reach my Care Coordinator?
    You can reach your Care Coordinator by calling the Trillium Call Center at 1.877.685.2415 Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. 
  3. How does the Care Coordinator assist with the development of my Individual Support Plan (ISP)?
    • Your Care Coordinator will contact you and/or your legally responsible person in advance of your birth month to begin the process related to your new ISP.
    • Trillium uses telephone and face-to-face meetings to assist with planning the ISP This means you can choose to have your meeting in person or by telephone.
    • Your Care Coordinator will send copies of paperwork in advance so you have time to review the information before your ISP meeting.
    • Your Care Coordinator assists in facilitating your ISP meeting. Once all the input from team members is collected, the Care Coordinator develop the ISP and other supporting documents.
    • Your Care Coordinator will obtain signature(s) on the completed ISP and submit to the Trillium Utilization Management department for review and approval or follow-up if needed.
  1. Why does Trillium require assessment for individuals who have received services from providers who know the person well?
    • Assessments are helpful in demonstrating the medical necessity for services that are requested in an ISP.
    • Information gathered through different types of assessments (i.e. Speech, Psychological, etc.) helps to assure that the services, interventions, and strategies are appropriate for the person.
    • It is important to have updated assessment(s) that reflects the individual’s current support needs.
  1. What are the monitoring methods?
    • Face-to-face contact with you and members of the ISP team.
    • Telephone contact with you and members of the ISP team.
  1. What does the Care Coordinator monitor?
    • That services are provided as outlined in your ISP
    • That you have access to services
    • That problems are identified and resolved as they arise
    • That services are meeting your needs
    • That back-up staffing plans are implemented
    • That you are healthy and safe
    • That you are offered a free choice of network providers
    • That your non-waiver service needs have been addressed