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General Information

  1. How do I get my child on the Innovations Waiver?
    Call the Access to Care line at 1-877-685-2415 and ask to speak with a coordinator for a Registry of Unmet Needs Application.

  2. How do I start a group home?
    Trillium does not license residential facilities. You should contact the North Carolina Division of Social Services or the Division of Health Services Regulation for more information.

  3. Why is Trillium listed on my Medicaid card?
    If you receive Medicaid through a county within our 24 county catchment area, Trillium manages the benefits and can provide information related to mental health, substance abuse, and/or developmental disabilities.

  4. How do I register for a training?
    Details about a particular training or event are usually posted on our Events page or included in The Network Brief | Network Newsbreak. If you are a provider, you could also click on the Provider Learning Portal.

  5. I need help with my provider direct login/password.
    Contact our IT department by clicking IT Help Desk & Support.

  6. What is your mailing address?
    Trillium Health Resources
    201 West First Street
    Greenville, NC 27858-1132

  7. Who can I talk to about doing an internship?
    Current internship opportunities are listed on our website on the Careers page.

  8. My license has been revoked because of a DWI. Where can I go to take classes?
    The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services maintains a list of providers who offer Substance Abuse Assessments, education, and treatment.