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For Individuals & Families

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We help eastern North Carolinians—with mental health conditions, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders—get the services they need to improve well-being and lead fulfilling lives. We are dedicated to carrying out our mission by investing in the health and well-being of the communities we serve and empowering individuals with access to services, tools, and resources to accomplish this task.

We are committed to transforming lives and building community well-being through partnership, access to services, and proven solutions designed to help those we serve reach their fullest potential. We continue to invest in innovation to meet your unique needs and remain focused on delivering the right services, in the right amount, at the right time.

Trillium manages five types of plans:

  1. a Medicaid behavioral health plan (for mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities or I/DD, and substance use disorders),
  2. a state-funded behavioral health plan, for individuals who may not have Medicaid or are uninsured,
  3. the “Innovations Waiver” plan (a name given by North Carolina to the Home & Community-Based Services Waiver within Medicaid), for those with an I/DD,
  4. a separate Medicaid behavioral health plan, for non-medical services such as supported employment,
  5. and a local plan funded with local dollars (counties, etc.) for prevention, wellness and recovery classes.

There is no wrong door to find and access services.  You may use the option that best suits your needs,  including visiting a provider in our network before contacting Trillium.

You can call our 24-Hour Access to Care line at 1.877.685.2415 to connect with a Trillium Call Center Agent – day or night, 365 days a year. We will help determine the type of services you need and connect you with a provider of your choice nearest to you.

In an emergency, we'll dispatch a specially trained Mobile Crisis Team member to your location or direct you to a crisis center. You can also personally contact the Mobile Crisis Team provider designated for your county. If it is a true medical emergency, call 911.

You can seek enrollment in services at any of our network provider offices, too. If you are familiar with a provider in the Trillium Health Resources Network, you can contact them directly by phone or by visiting their office. To learn more about services in or near your community, click on the Find a Provider button at the top of each web page.  

What you don’t have to do is visit a hospital emergency room. Our job is to help you avoid that.

Learn more about how we can work with you.  Explore this section of the web site and take advantage of resources like:

Member & Family Handbook | Notice of Privacy Practices 

Accessing Care Brochure | Benefit Plan Information | Service Definitions

Non-English Speakers or Reading Assistance Required

If you do not speak English, we will connect you to an interpretation service at no cost. This support is also offered by your provider at no cost and may require a brief pause while the service is being connected. If you need other assistance with reading or processing any materials or documents, please let us know.

Personas que no hablan inglés o con Necesidad de Asistencia para Leer

Si usted no habla Inglés, lo conectaremos con un servicio de interpretación. Este es un servicio gratuito para usted, disponible en cualquier llamada. El servicio de intérprete gratuito también, está disponible cuando usted trabaja con proveedores de la red de Trillium. Si usted necesita asistencia con material para leer o procesar documentos, por favor dejenos saber.

これは単にあなたがすでに持っているのと同じ機能を手に 代わりに、私達は私達自身の研究をして、あなたに最高の経験を与えるために最高で最も革新的な機能と私たちのスロットページを含めて完全にユニークであることを見つけるでしょう。 たちが競合するオンラインカジノを「スパイする」ことを信じてはいません。これは単にあなたがすでに持っているのと同じ機能を手に入れることを意味するからです。代わりに、私達は私達自身の研究をして、あなたに最高の経験を与えるために最高 



You can help keep fraud, waste, abuse, unethical, or illegal activity out of our workplace. If you are uncomfortable communicating a concern in person, report it anonymously by calling the toll-free hotline number, 1.855.659.7660, or report it online at EthicsPoint and follow the instructions on the screen