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NC Innovations


What Is the NC Innovations Waiver?  

NC Innovations is a Medicaid Waiver program for individuals with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities.  It provides support to give individuals and families more control over their lives by offering a large array of service options to the enrollees.

NC Innovations seeks to support individuals to live the life they choose by:

  • Promoting promising practices that result in real-life outcomes for participants;
  • Offering service options that will facilitate participants’ abilities to live in homes of their choice, have employment, engage in a purposeful day of their choice and achieve their life goals;
  • Valuing and supporting individuals as members of the community;
  • Developing stronger natural support networks;
  • Providing the opportunity for all participants to direct their services to the extent they choose; and
  • Providing educational opportunities and support to foster the development of stronger natural support networks and enable participants to be less reliant on formal support systems.

NC Innovations Documents

Change of NC Innovations

For more information, view the NC Innovations Individual and Family Guide

The Role of the IDD Care Coordinator

At Trillium, individuals receiving services through the Innovations Waiver receive Care Coordination, which: 

  • is family-focused
  • acts as an information hub between agencies and systems
  • coordinates a community-level service plan
  • develops or ensures development of a crisis plan
  • focuses on understanding needs in the context of strengths and connecting people to appropriate services
  • facilitates planning with inclusion of community and natural supports, monitoring services and celebrating successes
  • focuses on assessment, service planning, referral and linkage, monitoring and risk management

Individual and Family-Directed Supports

Trillium offers two ways in which services may be provided for individuals receiving services through the NC Innovations Waiver.

  • Provider-Directed Supports - The provider is in charge of hiring and managing staff. You depend upon the provider to carry out the services in your Individual Support Plan (ISP).
  • Individual & Family-Directed Supports - You and your family have more control over the way your services are provided by directing them yourself. You, your family, or the legally responsible person direct services.You may decide to self-direct one or all of the eligible services you receive through the NC Innovations Waiver. There are two models for you to choose under this option:
    • Agency with Choice Model - You partner with the provider to supervise or manage support workers.
    • Employer of Record Model - You, your family, or the legally responsible person supervise or manage support workers.


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