Tailored Plans will start October 1, 2023
NC Medicaid changed the start date for Tailored Plans to October 1, 2023. Until October 1, 2023, you will keep getting services the way you do now. 

Information and processes on this page will be changing in the weeks to come. 
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Medicaid Waiver

Federally-Funded | Locally Managed

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What is the Medicaid Waiver?

North Carolina has a health plan for serious behavioral and intellectual/developmental disability health care for persons receiving Medicaid. This plan is made possible through a Medicaid Waiver which allows Trillium to be a Managed Care Organization (MCO), which means we act as the local authority for the Medicaid Program.

The 1915(b)(c) Medicaid Waiver allows some Medicaid requirements to be waived in order to provide alternatives to the traditional service delivery system.  If you receive Medicaid from any of the counties within Trillium area, you are a member of the North Carolina Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Services Plan (NC MH/DD/SAS).

Available services include basic North Carolina Medicaid services, plus some additional services identified through review of evidence-based practices and service gaps.  The NC MH/DD/SAS Health Plan puts importance on treatment in the most inclusive setting, attention to the whole person, and concentration on an individual's strengths.

To learn more about the 1915(b)(c) Medicaid Waiver in North a Carolina, visit  NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services

Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Costs YOU!

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is asking anyone with knowledge of Medicaid fraud or abuse to report it by calling their toll-free number at 1-877-DMA-TIP1 (1-877-362-8471).

If you are unsure what Medicaid fraud or abuse is, it could include any of several dishonest acts – from letting someone else use your Medicaid card to undergoing unnecessary medical procedures. A complete list is available on NC Department of Health and Human Services website.

You can help keep fraud, waste, abuse, unethical, or illegal activity out of Trillium Provider Network.  If you know or suspect inappropriate or unethical behavior occurring with a Trillium provider agency, there are several ways to voice your concern, such as:

  • Complete the Complaint | Grievance | Form on this website; OR
  • Mail in your concern to Trillium, 201 West First St., Greenville, NC 27858-1132; OR
  • Call us at 1-866-998-2597 to report your concern; OR
  • Report it anonymously by calling the toll-free EthicsPoint hotline number, 1-855-659-7660 (available in Spanish and more languages); OR
  • Report it anonymously and online at EthicsPoint and follow the instructions on the screen.

Accessing Medicaid Services

There are a variety of ways to apply for Medicaid through your local Department of Social Services (DSS). You can apply online, in person at your local office, or fill out a paper application and mail it in. Please visit NC DHHS site for more information or call your county DSS office if one of these methods will not work for you.

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Help Stop Fraud & Abuse

You can help keep fraud, waste, abuse, unethical, or illegal activity out of our workplace. If you are uncomfortable communicating a concern in person, report it anonymously by calling the toll-free hotline number, 1.855.659.7660, or report it online at EthicsPoint and follow the instructions on the screen