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Trillium has invested in innovative ways to meet the unique needs of our members. Trillium works to help improve wellbeing and build community connections. In order to do this, we must share timely and accurate information with our members.

Trillium sends text messages to adult members who have shared their mobile phone numbers upon enrollment in Medicaid. The text messages include interesting information, links to Trillium training videos, ways you can strengthen your mental and physical health, and more.

We will not send the texts often, and you can choose to stop receiving them at any time. Trillium’s name will be displayed in each text but you will not be able to respond or communicate with a Trillium staff person through these texts.

Users will follow instructions in each text if you want to stop receiving them. Anyone who does not receive the texts can add their number using the button below:

Add your Number here

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  1. How do I receive these texts?
    You can receive texts by contacting the DSS office where you enrolled in Medicaid to make sure they have your cell phone number, using this form to add your number, or asking your care coordinator.
  2. How do I stop receiving these texts?
    There will be easy instructions in each text about how to stop receiving the texts. You will reply “STOP” or “STOPALL” if you no longer want these texts from Trillium. We will still have your cell phone number in our system to contact you directly by Trillium staff through phone calls if needed.
  3. Can I talk to a Trillium staff person through these texts?
    No, these texts are operated by an automatic system to share basic information with you. At this time, if you reply a person will not be on the other end to respond. 

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