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Provider Action Items



Please make sure that all NPI numbers, address information, and Taxonomies are current and have correct linkage at NCTracks. To review your Taxonomy codes and linkages, please visit the NCTracks website at

For a full list of Taxonomy codes, please visit

Provider Survey

Trillium’s Network Council is aware of the expense of interpreting services and would like to determine the Provider Network’s interest in our pursuit of negotiating special rates or discounts for Providers in Trillium’s network.

Please take a few seconds to provide your feedback and tell us your opinion.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Access Question

Providers Submitting 837 EDI Files

Effective May 4, 2018, Trillium Health Resources will be implementing two new edits to our 837 EDI file verification process that may cause claims to reject prior to being processed in the CIE/Provider Direct system.

The first of these new edits will focus on not allowing a revenue code to be submitted as a procedure code on an 837 Professional file, as this is not an acceptable billing practice. This rejection will be documented on the Submitter Reports you receive as “The Procedure Code ‘ ‘ is not a valid CPT or HCPCS Code for this Date of Service”.

The second of these two edits will be checking that a valid patient discharge status is received on the 837 Institutional claims. If a discharge status is submitted and is not valid per National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) guidelines, the claim will not be accepted into our system and you will receive a rejection notice of “Patient Status Code ' ' is not a valid Patient Status Code” on your Submitter Report.

For questions related to these two new edits, please email Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.