Network Provider Directory

Find Agencies & Group Practices, Hospitals or Licensed Independent Practitioners who contract with Trillium Health Resources. This Network Provider Directory is updated on a regular basis. The accuracy of information is based on details submitted by providers. We can also assist you with services and supports when you contact the Trillium Health Resources Call Center at 1-877-685-2415.

If you do not speak English, NC providers are required to provide free interpretive services when working with you. Some providers may have clinicians who speak another language, like Spanish. The Trillium Provider Directory lists the languages that providers have identified that one or more of their staff members speak.

Search Tips

  • Words must be spelled correctly to yield results
  • Avoid using abbreviations; they will not yield results

To find a provider who speaks a specific language, enter that language in the search box (i.e. Spanish). Your search results will populate all providers who reported that specialty.

Trillium Health Resources requires priority admission to all women who are pregnant and injecting drugs, pregnant and using substances and other individuals who are injecting drugs.

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