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Provider Meetings


As mentioned in the last Provider Meeting on November 15, 2017, we are changing the role and function of Network provider meetings. Future provider meetings will be scheduled to focus on specific topics, training, etc. Providers will be notified ahead of time when these meetings are scheduled with instructions on registration. 

Trillium will continue to communicate as needed with Network providers through the Network Communication Bulletins and Clinical Communication Bulletins. If you have any questions or requests, please contact Trillium through the dedicated email for providers at NetworkServicesSupport@TrilliumNC.org

Review Provider Meeting Documents - Provider Meeting Minutes and related handouts are generally posted approximately two weeks after the meeting date.

Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP) Forum

The LIP forum call held on October 2, 2017, was the last forum call Trillium will host. Moving forward, information that has previously been shared in LIP Forum Calls will now get disseminated through Network Communication Bulletins.

This change is being made in an effort to not impede upon your valuable clinical time with the members you are serving. When specific information is related to you as a LIP or LIP Group, this will be clearly labeled in the Network Communication Bulletins, so that this information will be easy to access at a time that is convenient to you.

Review LIP Forum Documents