Provider Outreach to Members

Some providers are encouraging patients to sign up for managed care (i.e. the Standard Plans) and listing the health plans they have contracted with to help patients with health plan selection. We welcome this engagement from our providers, but please note that not all Medicaid members are moving to managed care now. We understand receiving letters or other information from providers to sign up for a health plan is causing some confusion for our members who are not required to sign up at this time.

Members who are not required to sign up include those on the Innovations Waiver or people receiving intensive mental health or substance abuse services.

If you hear from your provider conducting outreach, we encourage you to call the NC Medicaid Enrollment Broker at 833-870-5500 (TTY: 833-870-5588). The enrollment broker can tell you if you are required to sign up for Medicaid Managed Care at this time and can help you with making an informed choice if you are.

Provider Recruitment Opportunities



Below is a list of needed services or supports in the Trillium Health Resources catchment area.  To learn more about opportunities that interest you, click on the RFP/RFA/RFI Title below to download additional details.

Applicant Instructions:

If you would like to apply to an opportunity, please complete the following steps:

  1. Read the opportunity document thoroughly and ensure you meet ALL requirements.
  2. Prepare the materials required to submit the application including all required documents. 
  3. Submit an application using the “APPLICATION LINK” embedded in each RFP/RFA/RFI opportunity or other instructions as listed.

Question and Answers: 

  • All questions must be asked via the “QUESTIONS” link within the RFP/RFA/RFI.  
  • Questions must be submitted by the deadline. 
  • Answers to all submitted questions will be posted under each opportunity.


  • When awards are determined, they may be posted on this webpage for a minimum of 7 days or may be announced in a Network Communication Bulletin. 
  • Awarded providers will receive direct correspondence from Network Development regarding program implementation.

Current RFP, RFA and RFI

Trillium Health Resources (Trillium) is in the process of identifying mission-driven companies that are interested in the development of High Fidelity Wrap-Around (HFW) Services within Trillium’s 26-county catchment area.

Trillium is interested in providers that demonstrate the capability and capacity to provide the service in a way that can achieve the desired outcomes including increased family assets and functioning and reduced out of home residential treatment and inpatient hospitalizations.

See link below for more details. Written letters of interest will be received until end of business July 31, 2021.

RFI High Fidelity Wrap Around Services

RFP - EDI-HIPAA Validation Tool
Actions Dates
Questions submitted to Trillium by:
All questions and correspondence related to this RFP must be sent to: Mike Smith, Project Manager
April 09, 2021 at 5:00pm
Questions & Answers April 23, 2021
RFP Award Notification May 21, 2021

All dates are tentative


In order to increase access to care for our members, Trillium Health Resources is seeking experienced providers to apply for the opportunities below. 


Trillium is currently accepting applications from experienced Practitioners and Providers to deliver this service to Medicaid members.

Research-Based-Behavioral Health Treatments (RB-BHT) services are researched-based behavioral intervention services that prevent or minimize the disabilities and behavioral challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and promote, to the extent practicable, the adaptive functioning of a beneficiary. RB-BHT demonstrate clinical efficacy in treating ASD: prevent or minimizes the adverse effects of ASD; and promote, to the maximum extent possible, the functioning of a beneficiary.

Providers that are already qualified to provide RB-BHT services and Providers that can demonstrate they are able to meet the service requirements within 60 days of contract award are eligible to apply. In order to increase access to care, both in-network and out-of-network Practitioners and Providers may apply.

Recruitment is open in all counties within the Trillium catchment area.

Please note:

  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have the adequate staff with appropriate licensure, training and certifications to provide the service or provide a plan/timeline to ensure staff are available within 60 days.
  • Applicants are required to enroll as a North Carolina Medicaid Provider with NC Tracks prior to joining the Trillium Network.
  • Applicants must complete credentialing requirements and receive credentialing approval prior to contract and service delivery.
  • Applicants must comply and meet all requirements of Clinical Coverage Policy 8F: Research-Based Behavioral Health Treatment (RB-BHT) For ASD.


Network Application Enrollment Request

Trillium Health Resources is hosting an open enrollment for Psychological Services in order to allow more individuals access to the quality care they need.  Trillium Health Resources is currently accepting applications for Psychologist and Licensed Psychological Associates, including Individuals and Groups, to provide outpatient services to Medicaid beneficiaries.

Please note:

  • Psychological Testing including testing for Innovations Waiver members and Evaluation for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Level of Care Assessment (Trillium training required.)
  • Specialized Consultative Services, Including development of Behavior Support Plans.

In order to increase access to care, providers within in the 26 county Trillium catchment area, as well as neighboring Out of Catchment counties including Halifax, Edgecombe, Wilson, Greene, Lenoir, Duplin, Sampson, and Bladen counties are eligible. Both in-network and out-of-network providers may apply. 
Providers must be registered with NC Tracks. Psychologists must be licensed in the State of NC and demonstrate experience with the population served. All applicants are required to be credentialed with Trillium prior to the delivery of services. 

Network Application Enrollment Request


Trillium Health Resources (Trillium) will not award a contract on the basis of this notice or otherwise pay for information solicited by it.


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