Provider Outreach to Members

Some providers are encouraging patients to sign up for managed care (i.e. the Standard Plans) and listing the health plans they have contracted with to help patients with health plan selection. We welcome this engagement from our providers, but please note that not all Medicaid members are moving to managed care now. We understand receiving letters or other information from providers to sign up for a health plan is causing some confusion for our members who are not required to sign up at this time.

Members who are not required to sign up include those on the Innovations Waiver or people receiving intensive mental health or substance abuse services.

If you hear from your provider conducting outreach, we encourage you to call the NC Medicaid Enrollment Broker at 833-870-5500 (TTY: 833-870-5588). The enrollment broker can tell you if you are required to sign up for Medicaid Managed Care at this time and can help you with making an informed choice if you are.

Trillium News Release


News Releases Date
Trillium launches Mobile Integrated Care Clinic with PORT Health Services 05.11.21
Trillium launches One Community Initiative 04.30.21
Trillium awarded pilot for Tiered Care Coordination 03.08.21
Trillium award-winning program addresses LGBTQ health disparities 01.29.21
Trillium extends provider reimbursement payment increases 12.07.20
Trillium Medical Director Receives CHCQM 11.13.20
Trillium receives MBHO accreditation from NCQA 10.09.20
Trillium publicizes workout equipment, small business funds, and free healthy opportunities for members  10.01.20
Trillium launches RFP- Co-Responder 09.14.20
Trillium expands medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those with opioid use disorder 09.03.20
Trillium Increased Provider Payments and Expanded Number of Service Hours 08.28.20
Oxford House expands contract with Trillium Health Resources 06.09.20
Trillium Increases Provider Reimbursement Payments  05.20.20
Trillium Offers Payment for hotel Tooms to Lessen Hospital Burdens 05.11.20
Trillium offers therapeutic resources for children 03.20.20
Trillium Maintains Operations During Coronavirus 03.16.20
Oxford House Opens First Collegiate House in Eastern NC 03.12.20
Trillium celebrates Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 03.04.20
Trillium launches Crisis Respite Program with Integrated Family Services 02.25.20
Trillium Recognizes American Heart Month 02.03.20
Trillium CMO Receives HCQM Certification during Preparation for Medicaid Transformation     12.27.19
Trillium receives Innovation Award in Technology  12.11.19
Trillium encourages healthier lifestyles during American Diabetes Month 11.01.19
Trillium Launches Project OUTreach Initiative 10.29.19
Trillium Joins National Organizations to Promote Drug Use Prevention 10.28.19
Trillium Joins National Organizations to Raise Mental Health Awareness 10.07.19
Trillium and Easterseals UCP host ribbon cutting for sensABLE snacks 09.30.19
Trillium Provides Messages of Hope  09.20.19
Trillium prepares for Hurricane Dorian 09.04.19
Trillium Increases Training and Resources on 08.30.19
Trillium hosts “Let’s Chalk about Mental Health” event 08.27.19
Dix Crisis Intervention Center Opens in Jacksonville, NC 07.29.19
Trillium Launches My Learning Campus Training Platform 07.26.19
Trillium Recognizes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day 06.27.19
Trillium Launches New Member Orientations and Training Sessions 05.29.19
Trillium Recognizes Awareness months for Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, and Physical Fitness 05.24.19
Trillium Recognizes 70th Annual Mental Health Month, National Prevention Week, and Trauma Awareness Month 05.10.19
Trillium Receives School Safety Grant from NC Center  04.29.19
Trillium to Launch Inclusive Food Trucks with Easterseals UCP 04.17.19
Trillium URAC Reaccreditation in Three Areas 03.18.19
Trillium Partners with Victory junction on Family Weekends 02.08.19
Oxford House Opened New Location for Men in Rocky Mount 01.09.19

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