Neighborhood Connections Team

Three Trillium Neighborhood Connections Managers will cover the Southern, Central, and Northern Regions of Trillium. Eleven health specialists will report to the managers and will be spread around the three regions. 

Bobbie Lowe
Bobbie Lowe
Northern Region Manager
Maegan Veillette
Maegan Veillette
Central Region Manager
Cecilia Peers
Cecelia Peers
Southern Region Manager


The Neighborhood Connections team will:

  • Maintain relationships with local agencies and community supports offering resources related to Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). 
  • Keep NC Medicaid and local stakeholders informed of gaps and needs related to SDoH.
  • Work with regional partners to lead in-person orientations for new or existing members. These orientations will introduce Trillium and the behavioral health system, explain how to access services, and introduce local supports available.
  • Work with community partners to expand orientation to underserved areas or other stakeholder groups.
  • Provide information to members on resources available to obtain food, transportation, housing, employment training, and chances for social integration.
  • Coordinate or promote activities related to healthy eating, physical fitness, community involvement to increase awareness and engagement among members