Food Trucks

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Nutrition is a basic, physiological need. Food insecurity makes it difficult to achieve any other goals. Food deserts (lack of grocery stores and fresh foods in a neighborhood) and food swamps (only food sources readily available are fast food restaurants or convenience stores) are common in both urban areas with lack of transportation and rural areas where it is miles to the nearest town.

Regular employment, whether full- or part-time, helps provide income, a sense of purpose, and improves self-esteem. Data compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy shows that over 7% of those with a disability are unemployed (compared to about 3% for general population, in 2018), although they are proven to be strong, productive employees.

Trillium will build two food trucks to operate at two locations in the region. We hope to be in operation by June/July 2019. 

Trillium hosted a contest on Facebook to select a name for the trucks. We also posted a survey to ask the public to choose locations for the trucks, and the winning locations were New Bern and Ahoskie.

Trillium is working with ESUCP and the Everybody Works! Campaign to hire staff with IDD to operate the trucks. They will serve prepackaged foods (snacks, coffee, sodas, water, ice cream, etc.) that cover a well-balanced diet. Interested applicants can email, or call 919-616-4976 for more information.

Stay tuned for more information on the launch date and locations for the trucks!

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