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Trillium has been addressing healthy opportunities in our communities for years. We focus on housing, employment, community inclusion, and more through work with other local agencies around Eastern North Carolina. We recently created a new department, hired staff, and implemented innovative projects to help increase member engagement related to social determinants of health: factors beyond the physical aspects that contribute to overall health.  

The Future Planning project will provide education and financial assistance to set up the accounts to support members after the death of a primary caregiver and/or assist members with saving money for their future through special types of accounts.

  • What is a Special Needs Trust?
    A type of trust specifically for persons with disabilities that provides goods and services while maintaining the eligibility or current level of needs-based public benefits.
  • What is an ABLE account?
    A tax-advantaged savings account for individuals with disabilities and their families. To learn more about ABLE Account click HERE

By collaborating with attorneys in Trillium’s 3 regions, we will host seminars for interested members and their families. Trillium will pay the attorney fees for completing the Special Needs Trust or ABLE account applications. These attorneys will:

  •  Assist families with setting up Special Needs Trusts and/or ABLE accounts.
  • Work with families of members with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and/or mental health conditions that require long term care, and who are receiving services managed by Trillium.
  • Offer services at no cost to members and their families/guardians.

Members and their families are not required to attend a Future Planning seminar to request financial assistance.

Date Location Address Time
April 16 Trillium Office 201 W 1st Street Greenville, NC 6-7:30pm
April 17 New Bern Public Library 400 Johnson Street New Bern, NC 6-7:30pm
April 24 Trillium Office 3809 Shipyard Blvd Wilmington, NC 6-7:30pm
May 6 Trillium Office 165 Center Street Jacksonville, NC 6-7:30pm

It is critical to plan ahead regarding estate planning to include any financial assets that anyone plans to leave to a loved one who has a disability. Without the correct financial planning, a loved one could be subject to repayment of Medicaid benefits that will count against them in qualifying for future Medicaid and Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) benefits. They could also potentially lose government benefits such as Food Stamps/SNAP or Section 8 housing. 

To be eligible for Future Planning financial assistance, members must meet the following conditions:

  • be three years of age or older;
  • have an Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and/or mental health condition that requires long term care/support;
  • complete the necessary application (linked below)

Members can apply for financial assistance using the Future Planning application or requesting an application to be mailed to them by contacting Trillium at 1-866-998-2597. Members can also contact FuturePlanning@TrilliumNC.org to submit the application or ask additional questions.