Tailored Plans will start October 1, 2023
NC Medicaid changed the start date for Tailored Plans to October 1, 2023. Until October 1, 2023, you will keep getting services the way you do now. 

Information and processes on this page will be changing in the weeks to come. 
Learn about Tailored Plan here

Great news! NC Health Choice will automatically move to NC Medicaid on April 1, 2023. Some benefits will be better; the rest will stay the same. Look for your new Medicaid ID card in March. Questions? Go to NC Health Choice Move to Medicaid or call Member & Recipient Services at 1-877-685-2415.

Healthy Movement

Peloton LogoThe Healthy Movement Project supports physical fitness activities with Peloton™ bikes for indoor cycling. Trillium placed the equipment at locations where members spend a good portion of their time, such as adult day programs and psychosocial rehabilitation programs. Peloton™ designs commercial grade bicycles that are durable, user-friendly, and have online classes that let users meet others from all over the country.

Participants in the Healthy Movement Project were chosen from a Request for Proposal process that closed in May 2019. Trillium awarded a total of 63 bikes to 19 provider organizations at 55 different locations throughout the Trillium region. 

Programs that received the bikes include social recreation programs, group homes, adult day vocational programs, psychosocial rehabilitation programs, and day treatment programs.

Trillium considered reasons such as funding availability, completeness of application, serving a high volume of members, and covering as many counties in our region as possible. Sites have shared about participant use of the equipment and how they are meeting their healthy goals. Staff also helped train members on how to use the equipment and encourage participation

Healthy Movement at Home

NordicTrack and Mirror Logo

Healthy Movement at Home expanded the Healthy Movement Project to support members’ health and fitness goals during COVID-19 by offering workout equipment for a member’s home. Trillium offered the equipment to our members through a first-come, first-served grant application process. Applications closed in October 2020 and we awarded 103 eligible members with exercise equipment from the following choices:


  • Mirror Home Workout systems, including a one-year subscription
  • NordicTrack Home Workout equipment, including a one-year subscription
  • Keiser Wheelchair Accessible Total Body Trainers 

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