Hurricane Florence Announcements

Please see below for information, resources, and supports we are sharing during the recovery phase of Hurricane Florence.



More than 22,000 North Carolinians sought refuge at disaster shelters during Hurricane Florence and the devastating flooding that followed. Most people have gone back home and some have had to find a new place to live.

Back@Home is helping families who don’t qualify for FEMA Individual Assistance but need housing assistance. 

  • November, 5 - Back@Home NC Supports Families Hit Hard by Hurricane Florence-  Back@Home NC, a program administered by the NC Department of Health and Human Services, has helped 45 qualified families find and move into permanent housing after Hurricane Florence.

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Flooding Cleanup Hotline

To register your property for help with home clean up, call 1-800-451-1954. More information HERE

Renters Facing Eviction in North Carolina May Be Eligible for Federal Help

RALEIGH, N.C. – North Carolina renters who face eviction or have been evicted from their storm-damaged apartment complex—whether their unit had damage or not—may be eligible for disaster assistance from FEMA.

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Housing Resources

The State of NC has partnered with United Way’s 211 to ensure relevant resources are easily available.

211 provides a comprehensive clearinghouse for hurricane recovery resources.  People can access these resources through the NC 211 website or by calling 2-1-1 to speak with informed representatives.
We have received specific questions about housing resources. Housing-specific resources can found on the site by using the “Find Help" Search Tool or selecting the Affordable Housing option in the eLibrary.  

Legal Aid North Carolina - Get Disaster Relief Help -  1(866) 219-5262 

Carrie On NC, Inc. - If you or your family has been affected by the storm Carrie On can help! 

NC Rural Center - North Carolina’s leading resources for small and midsize businesses are collaborating with federal partners to provide recovery assistance to NC businesses impacted by Hurricane Florence. Assistance includes help with developing recovery strategies as well as access to capital needed to support immediate cleanup costs and longer-term recovery from physical damage and economic losses.

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Urgent Notification

Attention Providers of Innovations Waiver Services Follow-up - September 27, 2018

This is a follow-up communication related to the Urgent Notification we released on September 24, 2018, regarding the waiving of specific requirements for RAP/RADSE during Hurricane Florence Recovery. This serves to provide additional information to ensure adequate tracking of your activities with members/LRP who choose to use these options.

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Attention Providers of Innovations Waiver Services - September 24, 2018

As a result of the ongoing effects of Hurricane Florence, Trillium Health Resources continues to determine supports needed for members affected by the storm and are working with NC Medicaid to waive policy requirements as possible to ensure members are receiving needed services/supports.

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Florence Response & Recovery Announcements - September 21, 2018

We understand that many of our members and their families were negatively impacted by Hurricane Florence. As a result, multiple needs have arisen for our members and families. Trillium Health Resources would like to support our members and families to be linked with the resources and supports available in their communities and surrounding areas. Please notify Trillium of any needs related to either the effects of the storm of regular service needs. 

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To All Providers - September 19, 2018

We are aware that many of you in the counties impacted by Hurricane Florence are still without electricity and internet services. Please continue to meet the needs for members the best that you can and know that we will work with you on processing your authorization requests in the coming weeks as things start to get back to normal.

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Trillium Residential Services Providers - September 18, 2018

We understand that many of our providers were negatively impacted by Hurricane Florence and first want to thank you all for continuously taking care of our members throughout the event. We know in some cases this meant moving members to other locations, using generators, paying overtime and many other expenses that may not have been within your financial plans.

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