An Introduction to Child and Family Teams (CFT)

A Cross-System Training from the Family's Perspective


  • Rhonda White, Family Partner Trillium Health Resources
  • Hope Eley, Trillium Health Resources, System of Care Coordinator 


This is a two-day (March 19-20) experiential training developed in partnership with families in North Carolina. The goal is to provide an overview of Child and Family Team meetings from the family’s perspective.  

Families, through focus groups and through direct involvement in curriculum writing, provided essential guidance in the development of this training.  The training is grounded in their knowledge and experience, especially regarding how to make Child and Family Teams a successful way to support the active involvement of families, children, and youth in planning for the family. 

This training seeks to reinforce the idea of “one family, one plan” by addressing Child and Family Teams through the lens of multiple systems as they affect families in their everyday lives.  It is encouraged that both agency representatives and parents/family members attend this training.

Participants should come ready to be actively engaged in the process for two full days.  The majority of the training will be presented through the experience of mock Child and Family Team meeting role-plays.  At various times throughout the training, participants will serve as members of the meeting process and as observers of the meeting process. Trainers will provide opportunities for connection, introspection, conversation, and exploration about how to best bring families to the table.

Registration Extended to Friday, March 15, 2018

if you have any questions contact Hope Eley at or call 866.998.2597

Sessions must have a minimum of 15 participants with a maximum of 24!