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Nash County Realignment Update:

As of July 3, 2017, the temporary restraining order against DHHS, Nash County, and Trillium Health Resources has been reversed. Trillium Health Resources is now authorized to serve Nash County residents.



Employment East


Employment East is the name of our Supported Employment and Long Term Vocational Supports (SE/LTVS) program covering the Trillium area. 

SE/LTVS is a person-centered and individualized support service which uses evidence-based practices to assist individuals who have not achieved positive employment outcomes and/or have a pattern of unemployment, sporadic employment, or underemployment.

Employment Support Professionals assist and support the different needs of the individual to increase community inclusion and obtain a successful employment outcome.

  • Focus on competitive employment in the community (at least minimum wage)
  • Focus on the individual's strengths
  • Offer informed choice on supports and job goal
  • Integrate mental health and other rehabilitation services
  • Decrease stigma by supporting the individual to work side-by-side with people in their community
  • Create jobs that promote career, financial, and personal well-being
  • Build work which supports recovery and wellness.
  • Facilitate rapid job search
  • Ensure long term and individualized supports after person obtains a job

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