Tailored Plans will start October 1, 2023
NC Medicaid changed the start date for Tailored Plans to October 1, 2023. Until October 1, 2023, you will keep getting services the way you do now. 

Information and processes on this page will be changing in the weeks to come. 
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Community Liaison Coordinators

Local Connections 

Trillium’s Community Liaison Coordinators build strong relationships with local agencies. Trillium works with county departments, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. These local connections help share important information and hear about unique needs for each area.

Community Liaison Coordinators work with a variety of child, family and adult stakeholders and below are just a couple examples of groups they participate in: 

  • Permanency Planning Teams and Community Child Protection Teams  (Department of Social Services)
  • School Health Advisory Boards
  • Exceptional Children Steering Committees (Public Schools)
  • Juvenile Justice Substance Abuse Behavioral Health Partnership
  • Opioid Coalitions
  • Local Interagency Coordination Councils
  • Consumer and Family Advisory Committees

Trillium developed a Local Community Collaboration and Engagement Strategy to support this work. Our goal is to improve the health of our Medicaid members and state-funded recipients. This strategy directs Trillium staff to: 

  • Educate about program eligibility
  • Inform how to remain enrolled in Medicaid 
  • Engage with members and recipients in the community
  • Learn about local unmet resource needs such as transportation, food insecurity, or housing 
  • Work with all stakeholders throughout our 28 counties

Community Liaison Coordinators: 


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