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Choose Independence

Choose Independence
Melissa Whisnat - Project Manager


Home is where we hang our hats and make our lives.  Home is a place to make fond memories and surround ourselves with the things and people who bring us joy.  We may live there alone or with others.  Home takes many forms. It can be in a house, an apartment, an assisted living center or other supervised setting.  Most importantly, home is where we feel safe and most comfortable. 

Grants for Independence

Trillium believes everyone has the right to choose where they want to live, including, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. To assist adults and children who have such disabilities, the Trillium - Grants for Independence program offers opportunities to eligible individuals and families to:

  • purchase equipment, supplies and services that strengthen independence
  • decrease the need for 24-hour/day supervision
  • increase long term success in living as independently as possible
  • provide training for proper use of items and technology

Examples of items that may be available through the grant include:

  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Communication Device
  • Safety and Security Systems
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Other Adaptive Equipment

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For more information contact:

chooseindependence_horizontalicons.pngMelissa Whisnant

Project Coordinator, Research & Development
Phone: 1.866.998.2597
Fax: 252.215.6881