Trillium Health Resources is committed to developing a professional direct support workforce, with the skills and values necessary to ensure that our enrollees receive high-quality services and achieve meaningful outcomes.

To that end, we are partnering with two other North Carolina Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) – Cardinal Innovations Healthcare and Smoky Mountain MCO – and the Lewin Group, to give provider agencies in our network the opportunity to participate in online curricula from DirectCourse, as a means to train and professionalize the direct support workforce in Eastern North Carolina.

Trillium Health Resources will engage with I/DD and behavior health service providers in our network.

The primary goal of this collaborative, cost-effective investment is to provide a competent and sustainable workforce to support people who receive long-term services and supports. Through this program, the direct service workforce – who support the physical, emotional, social, behavioral and employment needs of people with disabilities – will gain the skills necessary to become credentialed direct support professionals (DSPs). Individuals supported by this highly skilled workforce will be able to live a more successful and satisfying life.

Kisha Darden - Project Manager

DirectCourse is collaboration between Elsevier and the University of Minnesota’s Research and Training Center on Community Living that provides a dynamic, competency-based-online suite of curricula offering comprehensive training to the direct service workforce. It was developed with careful analysis of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of direct support professionals. DirectCourse helps users understand and apply skills and ethical practices through timely, innovative, and engaging training.

Courses are all self-directed and administered by Elsevier Performance Manager (EPM) learning management system, and each curriculum is authored by subject matter experts and researchers. Administrators and supervisors track progress, assign lessons and create customized content with ease to ensure all workers have access to high-quality training throughout their career.

Providers who participate in this project may realize positive results such as:

  • Reduction of Direct Support Professional staff turnover
  • Increased quality of services provided to individuals who receive services
  • Increased family involvement and family satisfaction
  • Increased staff confidence and satisfaction
  • Increased community inclusion for individuals supported
  • Increased satisfaction of individuals who receive services and employees who provide those services

Research indicates the use of competency-based training results in outcomes for people who use services, such as:

  • More likely to spend time with family
  • More empowered to set their own schedules
  • Improved feelings about relationships with friends
  • More likely to feel like full members of the community

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Kisha Darden
Research and Development Project Manager
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