Specialized Inclusive Program

The Specialized Inclusive Programs Initiative provides summer day camps, after school programs, and adult day programs for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Specialized Inclusive Programs
Amy Corbitt- Project Manager

The program will follow a family co-op design. Parents and caregivers along with the community will be invested in the programs. Parents and caregivers have many talents that can assist in making the programs for their children cost-effective and sustainable. A family co-op requires that parents are active participants with their children in the programming along with siblings. Parents of children who participate may engage in general maintenance roles like cutting grass or housekeeping, or they may run special events or even teach classes. Some parents may volunteer time to chaperone events or outings. The list of opportunities is endless.

Specialized Inclusive Programs will be an opportunity to engage the community in an inclusive setting designed for everyone to be successful.

Summer Day Camp and Afterschool Programs

 Autism Society of NC