Health Equity Council

People, Place, and Partnership for Better Health Outcomes for Everyone

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Trillium’s Health Equity Council provides input related to health awareness, literacy, equity, and identification of health disparities.

The Health Equity Council is made up of people from the following backgrounds:

  • People of color (Black, Native American, Asian American, Latinx, etc.)
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ+)
  • People who primarily speak Spanish
  • Residents of rural areas
  • People who have had issues accessing transportation, stable housing, or fresh food options

Trillium has contributed to improving health equity in our region for more than ten years. Learn more below.

Trillium’s model for the Health Equity Council will focus on the following principles:

Trillium Health Equity Strategy Training

What leads to poor health for some Trillium members? How can we provide equal access to healthcare for everyone we serve? This free training explains how Trillium will improve health outcomes for everyone. It also introduces the Trillium Health Equity Council and our ongoing improvement efforts.

Visit My Learning Campus and sign up for this free, online training.

If interested in serving on the HEC, please submit the application below: 

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