Provider Contact Information and Portals


How We Can Help You?

Provider Phone Numbers:

Provider Support Services: 1-855-250-1539.

  • Specialized staff can assist with your questions, or will contact the appropriate department to answer all inquiries.

Email Provider Support:

  • Provider also can submit questions via this email.

NC Medicaid Provider Ombudsman: 1-866-304-7062 and

  • The Division of Health Benefits (DHB) has created a Provider Ombudsman to represent the interests of the provider community by receiving and responding to inquiries and complaints regarding primary health providers (PHPs). The Ombudsman will provide resources and assist providers with issues through resolution.

Other vendors can call the Administrative & Business Matters 1-866-998-2597 (Toll-Free) for general questions and business matters.

Behavioral Health I/DD Provider Portal (Provider Direct)

A secure platform for mental health, I/DD, and substance use providers to access for the following:

  • Enter or upload Treatment Authorization Requests (TARs) to obtain prior authorization
  • Upload Person-Centered Plans and Individual Service Plans (ISPs)
  • Access and file claims
  • Submit complaints/grievances
  • Access the Provider Manual

Please see the instructions on how to access Provider Direct. All providers must complete the required training and paperwork to access Provider Direct.

Physical Health Provider Portal

A secure platform for physical health care providers to access for the following:  

BH/IDD Tailored Plan Provider Manual

picture of the cover of the Provider manual Cover

Please note requirements covered for the Trillium Tailored Plan are not effective until Tailored Plan is launched

Trillium’s Provider Manual includes important information including the following: 

  • How to file claims.
  • Member rights, including filing appeals and grievances.
  • Provider responsibilities.

Providers have the right to appeal certain actions that Trillium takes against them. Trillium outlines our Provider appeals processes in the Provider Manual. Trillium provides written notice of a Provider’s appeal rights with the notice of decision giving rise to the Provider’s right to appeal. Trillium allows Providers to submit a written appeal request through Trillium’s online provider portal, Provider Direct, or by mailing a copy of the request, via certified mail, to Trillium (201 West 1st. St., Greenville, NC 27858).

For more information on provider appeals, please refer to the Provider Manual, or contact Trillium’s Appeals Coordinator (1-855-250-1539) or email

Physical Health Provider Manual

The Physical Health Provider Manual includes important information including the following:

  • Member Rights, including filing appeals and grievances
  • Provider Responsibilities
  • Medical Management

For information on billing Physical Health claims, please visit the Billing Manual located on the same page.

Pharmacy Portal (PerformRx)

Includes prior authorization request forms for pharmacy use, Drug Utilization Review Program, and more.

*Providers will access the pharmacy portal using the CCH portal link

Providers can also view Trillium’s Pharmacy Services and Drug formulary page for more information.  

Complex Imaging Portal

 (Evolent/formerly National Imaging Associates, Inc.)

Prior authorization requests for specialty procedures for ordering and rendering providers.


Provider My Learning Campus

Web-based training/education site to access recorded modules on topics Trillium deems important for Providers to complete.  Available 24/7, including training videos, quizzes, evaluations, certificates, and a record-keeping system.

To create your account and access courses, please fill out the  Provider My Learning Campus User Agreement form.

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