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One Community Together

Activities that increase and improve local community relationships while demonstrating Trillium’s investment in people living where we serve.

Trillium’s mission is transforming lives and building community well-being through partnership and proven solutions. We transform lives in so many ways. Working with our network of providers to ensure individuals have the services they need. Coordinating training opportunities with partner agencies. Sponsoring grants to provide families with technology so they can communicate in new ways for the first time.

View the videos below to learn more about these programs and the individuals they impact.

Choose Independence:
Exploring new ways to connect    

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT):
Providing care instead of incarceration

Oxford House:
Supporting sober living

Integrated Family Services (IFS):
Responding to needs in the community

Long Term Recovery:
Discovering the investment is worth it

Play Together: All-Inclusive Playground:
Sharing the joy of play with everyone

Compassion Reaction: Rachel's Challenge
Empowering students to effect change

Regional Connections:
Living where we serve