Tailored Plans will start October 1, 2023
NC Medicaid changed the start date for Tailored Plans to October 1, 2023. Until October 1, 2023, you will keep getting services the way you do now. 

Information and processes on this page will be changing in the weeks to come. 
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Working Together is Essential

meeting with people sitting in a tableOur communities are only as strong as the people in them. When we support well-being, we make sure that everyone can reach their potential and fully contribute to our communities. We collaborate with medical and clinical professionals from our network organizations, persons served and their family members, and local agencies to use our collective expertise to improve services and strengthen community connections.

Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) 

The Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) is a key Trillium committee whose membership reflects the diversity of our provider network, in addition to members, family members, and Trillium staff. Meetings are held bi-monthly, and provide a forum for discussion of the treatment practices used in the Trillium Network. CAC has the responsibility to represent the interests and challenges of people receiving services by identifying standards, key indicators, initiatives, and requirements.

Meeting schedule 2023

  • February 3
  • March 7
  • June 2
  • August 4
  • October 6
  • December 1
CAC Meeting Minutes 2022 CAC Meeting Minutes 2021

Innovations Waiver Stakeholder Group

The NC Innovations Waiver Stakeholder committee is a group of members, family members, guardians, and providers that meet quarterly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm. The purpose of this group is for participants to receive education and information as well as to secure feedback and information from the members about the Innovations Waiver. 

If you are interested please contact Danna Saunders at Danna.Saunders@TrilliumNC.org.

Global Quality Improvement Committee (GQIC)

The Trillium Global Quality Improvement Committee (GQIC) serves as a fair impartial committee representing the provider network. The GQIC discuss and explore an open forum of ideas related to Quality Improvement issues among the provider network, in order to maintain and achieve best practices to enable the providers to help the members reach the goals.  

Blinded Peer Reviews - Trillium’s Global Quality Improvement Committee offers the option for providers to request a review of their Quality Improvement Activities (QIA’s) through a blinded peer review.  As part of the review process, the committee will provide feedback regarding the projects.  Prior to the review, Trillium staff will remove all identifying provider information to ensure the committee does not know who the provider is and to enable the committee to review the QIA’s impartially.  For any providers wishing to participate in the blinded peer review, please contact the Head of Performance Improvement at QMInfo@TrilliumNC.org.

If you are interested in learning more about GQIC, please visit Trillium My Learning Campus for full training on the committee and its functions

GQIC Meeting Minutes
2023 2022

Human Rights Committee (HRC)

The Trillium Human Rights Committee (HRC) plays a vital role by ensuring the protection of member rights for people receiving mental health, substance use, and intellectual and/or developmental disability services. The Trillium HRC works cooperatively with members, their family members, and Trillium staff to ensure the nature and quality of services are always respectful of the member’s rights.

The committee's responsibility is to oversee compliance with North Carolina member's rights, confidentiality laws, and procedures established for processing grievances, alleged abuse of rights and concerns about restrictive treatment and access to services. The HRC is composed of volunteers who represent mental health, substance use and intellectual and/or developmental disability providers, professionals, and members.  Trillium staff assists the committee but do not vote. Members who serve on the HRC are expected to follow rules as written in State laws and rules and the HRC Bylaws. Members are expected to adhere to strict confidentiality of member information and attend all meetings.

Would YOU like to serve on the HRC?

To be eligible to serve, members must:

  • be an adult member, family member, human service professional, or network provider
  • live in one of the counties in our catchment area

Fill out a Human Rights Committee Application Form to be considered for membership,  or if you have any questions contact the Head of Performance Improvement at QMInfo@TrilliumNC.org or 1-866-998-2597.

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