Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


Attention EVV Providers - Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) permitted states that anticipated being unable to meet the implementation deadline to submit a request for a Good Faith Effort Exemption (GFEE). A GFEE approval allows states to implement EVV for Home Health Care Services (HHCS) after the required deadline of Jan. 1, 2023, without CMS applying a Federal Medical Assistance Percentage legislated penalty. NC Medicaid submitted a GFEE request to CMS and was granted approval.

Timelines for implementation of EVV are noted below for each health plan below. Please note: dates below will be adjusted due to Tailored Plan launch delay.



Soft launch startHard launch start

NC Medicaid Direct (HHCS)


NCTracks + Providers4/1/20238/1/2023
Tailored Plans (HHCS)EPS + TPs + HHAExchange10/1/202312/1/2023
Tailored Plans (PCS)EPS + TPs + HHAExchange10/1/202312/1/2023

Trillium has partnered with an external vendor, HHAeXchange, to provide the EVV tools necessary for designated providers to comply and meet this requirement.

EVV Tip Sheet

If you received a letter and/or email referencing EVV from Trillium, please complete the HHAeXchange Portal Configuration Questionnaire.

General EVV information can also be found on the HHAeXchange North Carolina Provider Information Center.

Below you can have access to important EVV Go Live Webinar and Training Information!

Interest in Training?

Visit the NC LME Provider Information Center

Scroll down and select either “Info Sessions” or “Training”

Under Training, there are links to the Pre-Go Live Training Webinars and the EDI Provider Integration Webinars which were recently held. There is an additional training in the Learning Management System (LMS) which providers can access with their HHAeXchange login.  

Visit NC LME Provider Information Center

Need HHA Support?

  • For questions and issues, email HHAeXchange at NCSupport@hhaexchange.com.
  • For questions or issues over the phone, please call at 866-242-2465
  • Live Chat feature also available on the HHA website. 

EVV Service Codes

From the CMS requirement, the EVV service codes that impact Trillium’s compliance are:

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