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Your Mental Health Matters

The One Community program shares health education information about stress, anxiety, depression, and general physical health challenges. The program encourages people to seek help for their behavioral and physical health needs. Our community matters and so does the health and well-being of its people. 

Thriving After a Pandemic

We are ”One Community,” and we are committed to helping everyone reach their fullest potential. If you have problems with your sleep routine, lose interest in activities you normally enjoy, see changes in your eating patterns, or drink more alcohol or use other drugs,  One Community can connect you to local resources like counseling referrals and support services.

Prevention and Outreach

The One Community program gives information on tools for emotional support, social connections through community groups, substance use resources, and help for people living with a disability. Our staff visit neighborhoods and events to hand out cards with contact information and fliers with useful instructions for taking control of your health. Anyone can also call our Member and Recipients Services at 1-877-685-2415 to ask for more information.

Please email to request One Community staff to attend your event and educate your communities.  

Recognizing Warning Signs of Alcohol or Other Drug Use 

Our staff placed these on doors across our region.

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