Trillium Advantage

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Trillium Advantage covers services and settings not currently available to members in NC Medicaid. These options are better suited to meet the individual needs of our members that may not be covered by typical behavioral health or intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) services. These supports are specifically targeted to members who experience challenges related to Health Equity in order to improve their access to these necessary resources and improve their overall health outcomes. 

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NC Medicaid Direct Member Incentive Program

Trillium’s NC Medicaid Direct Member Incentive Program helps members become involved in their health. It encourages healthy behaviors and education through gift cards and small rewards. Providers, members, and care managers can apply for incentives. Please note: members can only get up to $75 in incentives each year. This will be tracked by Trillium.

Trillium Advantage Rewards Program


Complete Care Needs Screening within 30 days of joining Trillium

$30 gift card

Complete Care Management Comprehensive Assessment within 60 days of joining Trillium

$50 gift card

Create a My Learning Campus account; My Learning Campus is our free, online training website.

$10 gift card

Complete the Trillium New Member Orientation on My Learning Campus

Member Tool Kit (cash value less than $45)

Complete Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcohol Misuse or Opioid Misuse

$10 Gift Card

Complete a Mental Health First Aid course; MHFA teaches about the warning signs for behavioral health issues, similar to a CPR course.

$25 gift card

Complete the Healthy Eating video on My Learning Campus

$10 Healthy Foods Gift Card

Transportation vouchers, up to $30 per household, for bus passes, gift cards for ride share agencies, and gift cards for gas.

$30 transportation voucher

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