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My Learning Campus shares free, online trainings and tip sheets for everyone. Trillium helps educate our communities to help improve well-being, provide solutions, to issues they may experience, and recognize the potential we all offer. Courses cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Updates to service offerings such as the Innovations Waiver

  • An Introduction to Trillium, health care, and how we operate

  • Reducing stress and living a healthy lifestyle

In addition, our training courses include:

  • Accessibility features to help people with unique needs complete the trainings.

  • identified training courses are provided in English and Spanish

NC Medicaid Managed Care vs NC Medicaid Direct:

What's the Difference?

This training for Trillium Members will help you to understand the difference between NC Medicaid Direct and NC Medicaid Managed Care. You will also understand who is enrolled in NC Managed Care and who will remain in NC Medicaid Direct. 

To take this course you must have an account through My Learning Campus. If you do not have an account, you can use the link below and you will be prompted to create one. 

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