Community Liaison Coordinators


Local Connections

Trillium’s Community Liaison Coordinators build strong relationships with local agencies. Trillium works with county departments, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. These local connections help share important information to inform us about unique needs for each area.

Community Liaison Coordinators work with a variety of child, family and adult stakeholders and participate with groups such as:

  • Permanency Planning Teams and Community Child Protection Teams (Department of Social Services)
  • School Health Advisory Boards
  • Exceptional Children Steering Committees (Public Schools)
  • Juvenile Justice Substance Abuse Behavioral Health Partnership
  • Opioid Coalitions
  • Local Interagency Coordination Councils
  • Healthy Community Coalitions
  • Adult Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
  • Consumer and Family Advisory Committees

Trillium developed a Local Community Collaboration and Engagement Strategy to support this work. Our goal is to improve the health of our Medicaid members and state-funded recipients. This strategy directs Trillium staff to:

  • Educate about program eligibility
  • Inform how to remain enrolled in Medicaid
  • Engage with members and recipients in the community
  • Learn about local unmet resource needs such as transportation, food insecurity, or housing
  • Work with all stakeholders throughout our 46 counties

You can reach a community liaison coordinator by email:

Community Liaison Coordinators Contacts

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