Tailored Plan Trillium Training


Trillium will work with NCDHHS to develop a training plan for providers; we will share details and registration information with providers when modules have been scheduled. Previous and future trainings can be found on the Provider.MyLearningCampus.org site.

Tailored Plan Providers Sessions

June sessions will dive deeper into providers questions, provide scenario-based applications, and more

Trillium will host Tailored Plan Provider Informational Sessions beginning May 8, 2024. Providers will have opportunities to attend one session or may elect to attend all sessions. 

Please review the information below and click on the session or sessions you plan to attend or to review the previous presentations. 

Members will be able to “raise their hand” and request transition if they have been placed on the Standard Plan and feel they would be better served by the Tailored Plan. Members who use certain services for their developmental disability, mental illness, traumatic brain injury, or substance use disorder (for example, need access to State-funded or B3 services, are on Innovations Waiver, OR are on the Innovations waiting list) may choose to follow the directions in the letter and ask to be served through the Tailored Plan. Providers will be instructed on forms to use to help a member transition from a Standard Plan to a Tailored Plan.

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