Tailored Care Management for Providers


Provider-based care management promotes integrated care and offers Trillium members choice in how they receive care management.

Through Tailored Care Management (TCM), Trillium Medicaid members will have a single designated care manager supported by a multidisciplinary care team.

They will provide whole-person care management that addresses all of their needs: physical health, behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), pharmacy, long-term services and supports (LTSS), and unmet health-related resource needs. 

Effective, integrated and well-coordinated care management depends on care team members having the ability to efficiently exchange member health information and use that information to monitor and respond to medical and nonmedical issues that could impact beneficiaries. 

There are three types of TCM entities that can provide TCM to Trillium members:

  1. Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH+)
  2. Care Management Agencies (CMA)
  3. Trillium Health Resources Care Management Team

Tailored Care Management Providers List

Need to access a TCM provider in the Trillium catchment area?

Click on below to learn more about TCM Providers in our network.

Statewide Monitoring Tool

Please submit questions and any feedback on the Statewide Monitoring Tool via email to Medicaid.TailoredCareMgmt@dhhs.nc.gov no later than EOD Friday May 10, 2024.

TCM Resource Guide

The TCM Resource Guide supports TCM Providers contracted with Trillium to facilitate connections for members to available resources in the communities we serve and ensure provider success. TCM Providers can access TCM specific training and support tools at their convenience and learn more about specific topics related to TCM. It can be used as a tool to access up-to-date information and guidance for TCM, and as a quick-reference guide for Provider Forms, Tip Sheets, and more.

Access to Care Review Form

The purpose of this form is to communicate to Trillium's Network Development Team of potential issues to achieve timely access to care for Trillium members. Care Managers should utilize this communication tool to report challenges with access to care including but not limited to provider-reported waitlists, lack of specific provider in a specific county, etc. The Network Development team will utilize data collected to inform future recruitment and contracting decisions.

The Healthy Opportunities Pilot for Tailored Plans will launch May 15, 2024.

Providers can refer Medicaid members for housing, transportation, interpersonal safety, or food needs using this form: Healthy Opportunities Referral form for Providers

Learn more: 

All provider questions related to Tailored Care Management should be emailed to TCM@TrilliumNC.org

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