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Here you will find documents that outline new services or supports identified as a need in our communities.  Visit this page to review new opportunities to become a provider in the Trillium network!

To learn more about opportunities that interest you, click on the RFP/RFA/RFI name below to download the details. 

Our NEW Network of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) & Research Based-Behavioral Health Treatment (RB-BHT) Providers

Providers selected:

  • Aces for Autism
  • Access Family Services, Inc.
  • Autism Society of NC, Inc.
  • Behavioral Consultation and Psychological Services, PLLC
  • Behavioral Healthcare Services Inc. (dba North Carolina Solutions)
  • Delta Behavioral Group, PLLC
  • Easter Seals UCP NC & VA Inc.
  • Priorities ABA, PLLC


  Open Enrollment for Psychologists and Licensed Psychological Associates
Actions Dates
Deadline for Submissions January 31, 2018
Notification TBD


If an opportunity above is something you'd like to respond to, please:

  1. Read the opportunity document thoroughly.
  2. Prepare the materials the opportunity document outlines.
  3. Go to our web-based REQUEST program and upload your information to submit an electronic response. 
    • Link to the web-based REQUEST program: REQUEST
      All opportunities may not require the use of the REQUEST program

Have a question about some of the terminology used in RFPs and RFAs? Visit the links below to learn more.