Tailored Plan Launch is Delayed
NC Medicaid will delay Tailored Plan Launch beyond October 2023. A new launch date has not been announced.
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System of Care & Community Collaboratives

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System of Care (SOC) is group of of community services and supports who work to serve children with behavioral health issues and their families.

The SOC model recognizes the importance of family, school, and community. It promotes each child's full potential by building on the strengths of the child, family, and community. It incorporates all parts of our lives such as physical health care, mental health, and social needs.

Each county in the Trillium area has a designated System of Care Coordinator.  SOC Coordinators know their counties and the services and supports available. They are as important resources in their local communities,and serve on various teams and committees such as:

  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Committees (Department of Public Safety)
  • Child Fatality Review Teams (Public Health Department)
  • Community Collaborative Meetings

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Community Collaboratives

Community Collaboratives are groups of people from public agencies, civic and faith-based organizations, and other community resources.  They find service and support gaps and create solutions to address complex needs of individuals and families.

Each county in the Trillium area has an associated Community Collaborative that meets on a regular basis.  The System of Care Coordinators provide support to the leadership of the Community Collaboratives, provide technical assistance to the community and partners, and share information from Trillium at the Community Collaborative meetings.

To keep up with news and activities for the System of Care and Community Collaborative in your area, click on the following links.

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