Developmental Centers


Trillium has updated our process on how referrals are received in reference to applying for admission to a Developmental Center. The objective of this new process is to ensure members can be connected to the least restrictive services possible so they can live, work, and play in their own communities.

All applications for access to State Developmental Centers must be processed and approved by Trillium Health Resources prior to seeking admission.  

The goal for all admissions to the Developmental Centers is successful re-integration into the community after receiving short-term, specialized support. All centers provide residential, medical, habilitation, and other support services to promote independence and self-determination.

Requestors, please answer screening questions via the Smartsheet prior to application submission. Trillium will review responses and verify that members meet general eligibility criteria. Once screening responses are reviewed by Trillium, we will notify the requestor, by email, of the next steps or if any further information is needed. The requestor will then begin completing the Developmental Center application, as applicable, and submit to:

The Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities (DSOHF) now requires a meeting with the member and/or legal guardian, Managed Care Organization (MCO), and Olmstead Specialist staff, with the applicable State Developmental Center. This meeting, which will occur prior to applications being submitted by the MCO, confirms that the Benefits of Community Living and the Referral Agreement form are reviewed as part of the referral process so that members and guardians are making informed decisions.

Please note: Copies of the State Developmental Center referral forms (SDC referral forms) are posted on this page for informational purposes. Applicants should not submit applications directly to the Developmental Centers to avoid these being returned to Trillium.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For provider questions related to the application or the application process, please contact Provider Support Services at 1-855-250-1539. Members and stakeholders can continue to contact Trillium Member and Recipient Services at 1-877-685-2415 for questions, as there is no wrong door. 

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