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Provider Communications

Provider Communications

Clinical Communication Bulletins:

Clinical Communication Bulletins are notices sent to Network Providers periodically regarding issues that may affect clinical operation areas. 

Network Communication Bulletins:

Network Communication Bulletins are notices sent to Network Providers periodically to inform them of issues that may impact their daily responsibilities. 

Urgent Notifications:

Urgent Notifications are time-sensitive notices sent to Network Providers to inform them of important issues.    

Provider Action Items

Here we will share items from the Network Communications Bulletins that require specific tasks from our providers. We hope this helps organize required tasks and outstanding directives from Trillium, DHB, DHHS, etc..

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Provider Quality Improvement Project - CHANGES:

As written in Trillium’s Provider Manual, Trillium requires all providers to demonstrate a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process by identifying and implementing Quality Improvement Projects. A Quality Improvement Project (QIP) is an initiative to measure and improve the services and/or care provided by the organization.

Trillium has required a minimum of three (3) QIP’s per fiscal year (July-June) be submitted by all state contracted providers by July 31 of each year. Effective immediately, Trillium will no longer require submission of those three projects to the Quality Management Department. Although these projects will no longer be submitted to Trillium, it is important to remember Trillium may at any time throughout the fiscal year, contact a provider to request submission of current Quality Improvement Projects for review/feedback related to overall provider quality/service delivery improvement. As an alternative, Trillium’s Global Quality Improvement Committee will continue to offer a blinded peer review, if requested by the provider through contacting the Trillium QM staff at

Questions about this change should be directed to