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Medicaid Transformation

The North Carolina General Assembly passed a law that was signed by Governor Cooper to approve funding for Medicaid Transformation. Managed care implementation NC Medicaid will now go live in July, 2021 for the Standard Plans, and July, 2022 for the Tailored Plans.

Nothing will change for Medicaid beneficiaries for now; they will get health services as they do today. Behavioral health services will continue to be provided by Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organizations (such as Trillium). All health providers enrolled in Medicaid are still part of the program and will continue to bill the state through NCTracks. More information can be found at:


The 1115 Waiver seeks to transition Medicaid services in North Carolina from fee-for-service to managed care. Services will be offered through two distinct products: Standard Plans and Behavioral Health (BH) and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Tailored Plans. Standard Plans will serve most Medicaid and NC Health Choice members, including all adults and children and those with mild to moderate behavioral health needs. 

While the State will distribute and share information directly with members, providers, and stakeholders, Trillium and other MCOs will also personalize information as needed to send out. Please visit the pages below to learn more.

Did you receive a letter of intent?

  • letter of intent
  • LOI

Trillium mailed introduction letters to potential partners as NC Medicaid undergoes multiple systematic changes. Although these changes are necessary to improve the lives of our Medicaid members and to provide whole-person care, Trillium’s desire is to ensure our members’ services and delivery of care are not disrupted during this time of transition. We are dedicated to working in collaboration with providers, identifying barriers that may hinder a member’s access to care, and finding viable solutions to these issues.  

While Trillium currently coordinates services for behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disability needs, with the launch of Standard and Tailored Plans we will have broader capabilities to serve members. We plan to contract with a variety of new providers including dentists, optometrists, freestanding radiology offices, and more.  

Trillium asks for interested provider participation in this partnership by completing, signing, and returning the Letter of Intent (LOI) and data sheet that were mailed to you. These documents are NON-BINDING and providers will not be obligated to enter into a contract by signing them. If you have further questions, please email

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