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Roadmap to Ready

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Our Community Crisis and Disaster Response team works within each of our counties to help communities prepare for natural disasters, public health situations, or behavioral health crises. We work with the local and state Emergency Operations Center during and after events, to help share important information with the public along with looking at improvements that may be needed for the future.

We are trusted experts with deep roots and relationships within the counties we serve. We are proud of these relationships and understand how important they are not just in everyday life, but especially when emergencies arise. Our Roadmap2Ready campaign was developed with guidance from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), Federal Emergency Management Federation (FEMA), and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to help prepare our communities for the hurricane season. The Hurricane Season is from June 1 to November 30.

Hurricanes require planning for the time periods before, during, and after any storm. Please see below for what kinds of information and action items Trillium will share during each phase.

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The Roadmap2Ready campaign was developed to connect members and providers to reliable resources to prepare for a hurricane. Please take the time to make proper preparations each year before the start of hurricane season June 1.

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The Roadmap2Safety campaign provides information from federal, state, and local programs to members and providers during a hurricane.

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The Roadmap2Resilience campaign will link members and providers to recovery resources post storm when they are available.

Trillium will launch our Emergency Operations procedure when necessary. We will use this page to share updates and directions as appropriate. While Trillium staff are not considered first responders, we do assist providers and members once the immediate danger has passed. Trillium’s Call Center will remain active during Emergency Operations but ONLY for the Member & Recipient Service Line (1-877-685-2415). Please use staff emails. In all areas, 911 should be used for TRUE PHYSICAL HEALTH EMERGENCIES. Trillium staff are not first responders and will not be able to physically attend to emergencies in the community.

Information to Download or Print

Weathering The Storm Pamphlet

Save this pamphlet with relevant contact numbers and your emergency information.

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Hurricane Season Readiness

Download and share this pamphlet about hurricane season readiness.

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Red Cross Readiness Kits

Red Cross recommends building two kits (a stay at home kit and an evacuation kit.) Learn more about what to have in your kits.

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Know Your Zone

An evacuation look up tool to help you know when to evacuate your home as a hurricane approaches.

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