Transition to Community Living Success Stories


Outside door with welcome matA WELCOME CHANGE!

Through the Transitions to Community Living program, individuals have received an opportunity to become more independent. Share the joy and enthusiasm that this brings to their life. It’s remarkable and rewarding.



"I know that recovery and supportive housing is possible because I live it every day"

Moving from an adult care home into my own apartment was an answered prayer. My name is Louis; with the help of the Transitions to Community Living Initiative, I recently signed a lease to my apartment.

Man open front doorThis was a long time coming for me and I know that I would not have been able to move without the help of the program. I knew I was able to live in my community, but I needed help to get it done, I had been trying to do it alone for the last eight years. I’ve had several social workers and people come into my life to help me but none of them stayed around long enough to make anything happen. My Transition Coordinator, Kisha assisted me during my process and linked me with my Peer Support Specialist Jennifer Marshall. My team worked hard to assist me with getting here! I felt safer wrapped with supports and services to start out, it feels good to move from an adult care into my own apartment because now I don’t have to worry about waiting for anything that I may want or need; I do things on my own terms and time.

Jennifer introduced me to wellness/recovery classes, the classes remain a big part of who I am in my recovery. I know that recovery and supportive housing is possible because I live it every day. Since I was blessed enough to be given this opportunity, I am now focused on keeping my apartment and staying well. I am very appreciative! ~ Louis Gray

“Loving my new life!”

Hello! My name is Joseph. When the people from Transitions to Community Living came and talked to me about moving into my own apartment, I was so excited! When I met with April, my Peer Recovery Coach, the possibility became surreal. To be able to live on my own was a dream I forgot about 3 ½ years ago when I ended up in an Adult Care Home. I was living alright there and had many friends, but I wanted to go to LifeQuest and live in my own apartment!

April spent a lot of time with me, working on my WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), and I now know what some of my triggers are and some wellness tools I can and do use when I don’t feel “well”.

The day I moved, I told April, “My apartment is so beautiful.” I meant that! I’m so grateful for Kevin Chancey (TCL Transition Coordinator) and April coming into my life and helping me change it for the better! I am now in my own apartment, attending LifeQuest 5 days a week and loving my new life! Thank you all for supporting me and making this dream of mine a reality! 

~Joseph Ganey

When I met Joseph, I knew right away that Mr. Ganey would be a perfect fit for the Transition to Community Living / Community Building program! He is an intelligent and caring man! I feel very humble and blessed to be working with Joseph in the Community Building program.

Throughout our journey to get Joseph into his own apartment, we came up against many obstacles and we conquered each one. I watched Joseph begin to advocate and speak up for himself. He embraced WRAP and learned about wellness tools and how he can help himself continue to recovery and be all he is meant to be!

Joseph is on a journey of self-discovery and independence and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it! 

~April Wynkoop

"I am living my own life now and even have gone back to get my high school diploma"

Hello my name is Jonathan. Before I came to the Community Building program I was in prison and ended up in an adult care home where I was abused. I felt hopeless and helpless at that time in my life. I ended up in another adult care home and that's when Kisha Darden with the Transitions to Community Living team came to see me. She asked me if I would like to be independent again in the Community Building program. This was my first glimpse of hope."I am living my own life now and even have gone back to get my high school diploma"

Then I met my peer recovery coach, Jennifer Marshall. Jennifer talks to me when I have questions about things and answers them in an amazing way. She has been a very good ear when I needed to talk to someone. She helps me by taking me places that I need to go. Plus she helps me with my WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and helps me understand and live by it as if it was my guidance through life in which it is. She says it a lot and I agree with her 100%

I have successfully moved into my own home with the help of Kisha and the Community Building Team. They helped me get back into paying my own bills and managing my own medications and appointments.

I am living my own life now and even have gone back to get my high school diploma. I am happier now than I have been in a long time. Times may get rough but you have to roll with it and work your plan. That is my advice from me to you! 

~Jonathan Lauzier

My name is Jennifer. I am Jonathan’s Peer Recovery Coach from Recovery Innovations. When I met with Jonathan, he was very excited about his recovery and becoming independent. One of the first things Jonathan and I worked on was becoming a good self-advocate. Jonathan now knows how to speak up for himself, respectfully, getting his needs met as well as letting someone know when he's not comfortable with something. Jonathan is doing wonderful today! He uses his wellness tools from his Wellness Recovery Action Plan every day. Jonathan keeps me on my toes and laughing every time I see him. His journey to recovery and independence has been very rewarding for me and I couldn't be happier for him! 

~Jennifer Marshall

"I feel like anything is possible"

My name is Tyrene and I moved from an Assisted Living Facility into my own home. I am now living independently and words can’t explain how I feel inside. I would like to thank, Kisha, my Transition Coordinator, along with Monica Miller, my Peer Recovery Coach who have helped this journey go smoothly. They have been great supporters and help me realize goals I would have never dreamed of achieving. It is nice to know that I have a team that cares about me. Taking WRAP has helped me put more things together and the good news is I can keep adding things to my WRAP. Now I feel like anything is possible and I can achieve anything to continue what I started with my wellness. 

~Tyrene Jackson

"I Have Learned So Much"

The Community Building Program is great! I moved out of an adult care home into my own home. I have learned more here in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) with Jennifer Marshall (Recovery Innovations Community Building Team) than I ever learned living in the adult care home on how to recover myself. I love working with Ann and Kisha (Transitions to Community Living staff). They helped me keep my home, my fish and my dog, Bear, with me, too! I used to be afraid to do things on my own like cooking. Now I am making things like lasagna and foods I didn’t think I would ever make again. 

~Teresa Coy

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