As a caregiver, don’t forget to take care of yourself!

A mother an daugther hugging

Each day, caregivers put the needs of others ahead of their own. During Mental Health Month, Trillium is putting a focus on the mental and emotional well-being of those who care for others.

As caregivers, our roles have grown more and more demanding.  There are demands on our time and money. We need to be there to support our family and friends. It can sometimes be too much to handle, and we may get burned out. If you are overwhelmed, even when trying your best, you may feel stressed or even depressed.  

Over time, the pressure can lead to emotional or physical health concerns that affect your overall wellness. It is natural to want to find relief from the stress. Often, people seek various ways to cope. They may increase exercise, take up a hobby, go out with friends, or find a support groups. But when the tension increases, some may choose other ways to deal with the stress. They may use drugs or alcohol. They may exhibit disruptive behaviors, or they may even self-harm. If these feelings are not addressed, emotions can reach a tipping point, and a crisis can occur. 

It is important to know yourself! As a caregiver, you need to be aware of when enough is enough and when it is time to seek help. Trillium wants you to know that there are trained peers and professionals to listen to your concerns. They will help you through the difficult times on your daily journey. We understand that sometimes the healthcare system can seem confusing. We want you to know that we are here to help. Rest assured that we recognize the importance of supporting caregivers. If you are experiencing stress, we urge you to call your doctor or our Member and Recipient Services line at 1-877-685-2415. We can assist with finding resources right in your community. If you are worried about harming yourself or others, please call 988 for help right away.

While you are looking out for others, always remember to take care of yourself, too. It is always okay to ask for help before a crisis happens.