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Individual & Family-Directed Support


The Individual and Family Directed Supports Option is based on the principles of Self-Determination.  Self-Determination empowers individuals to gain control over selecting the services or supports that meet their unique needs.  It is both person-centered and person-directed.   Individuals may direct some or all of the services that are provided through the North Carolina Innovations Waiver.  

You and your family have more control over the way your services are provided by directing them yourself. You, your family, or the legally responsible person direct services. You may decide to self-direct one or all of the eligible services you receive through the NC Innovations Waiver. There are two models for you to choose under this option:

Agency with Choice Model - You partner with the provider to supervise or manage support workers.

Employer of Record Model - You, your family, or the legally responsible person supervise or manage support workers.

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