Trillium Valued Providers Seal Program


Senior with caregiver laughing. All Trillium Seals on the left.

Commitment to care and unparalleled work ethic. Our providers not only exhibit these values every day, but make it their mission to go above and beyond their mandate. In recognition of such service, Trillium has designated six seals to those providers who dedicate long hours and energy to our shared mission helping members improve their well-being and lead fulfilling lives.

To be eligible for Trillium’s Valued Providers Seal Program, all prospective providers must first demonstrate quality services and meet rigorous operational criteria. This includes a comprehensive application process encompassing credentialing, confirmation with Division of Health Benefits (DHB) on any existing provider issues, and onsite visits. Trillium also initiates audits and monitoring activities on a scheduled and ad hoc basis. Each provider contract may include specific expectations regarding wait time for appointments, staff training, and member communications to ensure we are in compliance with the goals of NC Medicaid. 

While these are the basic requirements, Trillium recognizes many of our providers’ efforts extend far beyond these checked boxes. Trillium’s Valued Providers Seal Program helps formally commend these providers for doing all they can to help strengthen our communities and provide quality care to our members.

The first level in the Valued Providers Seal Program is our Green Seal. We invite providers to post seals at their entrance or reception areas and digitally on their websites to showcase their well-earned achievement. Once providers meet the requirements for successive seals, Trillium will provide a new seal or seals for posting. 

Providers may apply and share evidence for meeting seal requirements through the online Provider Seal Application form.

Providers may use and display these Valued Provider Seals only with the express written permission of, and in accordance with the rules and restrictions established by, Trillium Health Resources.  Any unauthorized use, disclosure or distribution of these Trillium seals is prohibited by Trillium and may result in the imposition of sanctions related to such unauthorized use, disclosure or distribution, up to and including termination of the provider’s contract with Trillium.

Once providers have been approved for their seal or seals, Trillium has developed the Valued Providers Seal Program Tool Kit for use. These seals represent the greatest dedication and service to the wellbeing of our members. Trillium wants to make sharing of such recognition as easy as possible. Providers may use the tool kit for how to best share the news of their seal(s) on their websites, social media, newsletters, and email.

Trillium reviews applications monthly. Any questions about the Valued Providers Seal Program can be directed to

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